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The Good of American Workers

The good of American workers needs to be the central theme in politics.

The left’s love of perverse individualism must be stopped. The right’s love of business must be stopped too. There needs to be a worker’s party in American politics.

Because, firstly, the workers are America. Second, without their livelihoods being safe, their whole position in the country isn’t stable. At the present rate of outsourcing, immigration, and bad trade deals, American workers will be driven to poverty within the next half century. This will destroy him in American society. It will reduce him to the level of a medieval peasant. He will end up a dependent of the government.

This must not happen. The left’s anti-society individualism must be stopped. And the right’s addiction to business must be stopped too. We need a worker’s party in America.

Where the workers go, the nation goes.

Labor v Capital

In politics, it’s basically a conflict between globalist businesses and nationalist workers.

The old struggle of Labor v. Capital will have ramifications for the next century. Perhaps longer.

The reason for this is that globalist businesses are importing millions of cheap workers in order to make more money. This importation is changing the nature of western nations. If it isn’t halted relatively soon, it will be permanent.

Workers are instinctively nationalistic. It’s now necessary for the right to embrace labor unions and workers organizations. Not the leftist ones of course: they are merely part of the problem and don’t actually represent their workers. But the right must actively embrace workers and their problems. The right must become the faction of the worker in American politics.


Workers and Families

Politics in America must focus on workers and families. For too long its been focused on businesses and the individual. Economic policies that were meant to help businesses thrive have – at the  expense of workers. Now globalism is pulling America to pieces, because workers – the backbone of the nation – are being cheated and deprived of good wages. Without good wages, and strong, steady jobs, their position in the nation is slipping. Where workers go, the nation goes.

The individual above family is also a prime cause of our decline. Birth rates are down because people aren’t having families. Additionally, the government has been subsidizing single parenthood with tax benefits and welfare. This must stop. Family must be reinvigorated, whether or not that cramps the individual.

I’ll write more about this in following days.