Drug Enforcement Agency’s War on Marijuana

Apparently The Washington Post is fretting over 18 million dollars the Drug Enforcement Administration is spending to stamp down on Marijuana:

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s controversial cannabis eradication program continued apace in 2015, new numbers released by the administration show. In 2015, local, state and federal authorities uprooted roughly 4.1 million cultivated marijuana plants in all 50 states, down slightly from the haul of 4.3 million plants in 2014.

Bully for the feds! I’m glad to see them spending time and money to fight this problem. Drugs are bad, and it’s a good thing the DEA is fighting them.

Last year, a group of lawmakers led by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) tried to pass legislation to redirect marijuana eradication funds to¬†perhaps more productive uses, such as domestic violence prevention programs. The effort was ultimately unsuccessful, and Lieu is dismayed to see the program continue. “Marijuana needs to be removed from Schedule I classification, and DEA should stop this wasteful program,” he said via email.

“Domestic violence prevention programs” eh? That’s just the usual sentimental cloak that Democrats wrap their causes in. The Dems have already been content to add trillions of dollars to the national debt for the last eight years: why fret over a mere 18 million dollars? Suddenly they’re the guardians of the public purse! Good thing we’ve had them on the job to keep us solvent!

Indeed, eradication programs continued last year in states such as Washington and Oregon that have legalized marijuana for adult recreational use.

And what does this matter? There are plenty of laws that the federal government has that states don’t. Someone has to combat drugs if these states are unwilling to.

Drugs are poison, and nothing more. The fact that many cowardly politicians and power seekers are willing to prey on human weakness is not justification to legalize drugs. And the gibberings of kooky academics about “individual liberty” are nonsense. What! a right to self destruction? “You can’t intervene” they say; “so and so has a right to use drugs, if he wants to. After all, it’s his life.” A right to self destruction? A right to burn out his mind and become a public charge? A right to neglect his responsibilities to his country, his family? No. Nobody has a right to imagine himself a solitary cell, outside the duties of good citizenship. He benefits from the nation; his life and property are protected and advanced through the protections of the government and the aid and good conduct of his fellow citizens. He owes them his best, not merely whatever is left after the smoke clears from his hookah. As fellow citizens of the USA, we are all in this together. Our actions, good or bad, affect everyone around us. We have a responsibility to live sensible lives, not just for ourselves, but for those around us.