Trump Administration off to a Rocky Start

It’s clear the Trump administration is off to a rocky start.

I’d like to see across-the-board advances on every issue that is affecting America. But Trump seems to have settled into a low to moderate level of consistent activity-approach to his administration. I wish he’d already abolished DACA, and had actually mobilized the national guard to round up illegals and deport them. Still, he has issued orders to the effect that new border patrol agents be hired. He has ordered construction of the border wall.

He seems to intuit what’s needed more than analyzing the situation and addressing it. This was obvious during the campaign, especially the debates. That’s one reason why he always appeared off the cuff.

In many ways, it’s also the secret of his political success.

Since he intuits what is going wrong with the country, he circumvents all the intellectualist flak that the elites put out to hide their betrayal of America. And whilst there are men who can process things in an analytical way and still see their way through the flak, many can’t.

So it’s got its ups and downs.

Hopefully his administration picks up speed and breadth as he gets more used to his job.