African Migrants Attack 14 Year Old Australian Boy

From 7 News Melbourne:

A 14-year-old Melton boy has been bashed relentlessly in a shocking unprovoked attack at a Melbourne shopping centre.

The horrific assault was captured on video by cowards who encouraged the violence instead of stepping in to stop it.

With his hands in his pockets, 14 year old Haydyn Wilson is kicked in the face so hard he falls to the ground.

He can do nothing but cover his face while the group of five continues to inflict shocking violence.

This is exactly the kind of “cultural enrichment” that we saw on display at the San Jose Trump rally earlier this week. These are the savages that we’re bringing to America in droves. Especially with Obama’s rush to bring in as many Syrian “refugees” as possible.

Haydyn said the attacked was completely unprovoked and may have been sparked by a rumour.

“Apparently I said I wanted to bash one of them and I didn’t and they all just swarmed,” he said.

Oh indeed. So perhaps they thought this 14 year old boy was going to “bash” one of them, and so they grouped up and attacked him?

Probably they’re lying through their teeth. Thugs of this sort blurt out anything to cover their butts when they get caught.

But let’s say that they did think he was going to “bash” one of them. Would we consider it acceptable for a bunch of native born white Australians to gang up and beat the heck out of this kid? Of course not.

But to these savages, this is just common practice. They practice “tribal justice,” which is to say, eye for an eye, but without any need for the first eye to be taken. All you have to do is “diss” one of them, and then their “self-respect” must be reaffirmed with violence.

These sorts of things didn’t happen in Australia or America before mass third-world immigration. Europeans don’t behave this way towards each other.

There is a reason that the third world is backwards: it’s full of backwards people.

H/T: Oz Conservative