Science’s Destruction of Knowledge

Science, by its nature, is too restraining for us. By demanding that only demonstrable things be considered true, it cuts out those things which we know but can’t prove beyond our knowing them.

For instance, we know we shouldn’t kill. But how can you prove that it shouldn’t be done? People accept that we shouldn’t, and so the issue goes unnoticed. But that’s because it’s inherently in us.

Take something less stark. Say that children should have their parents raise them. Now this is clear to the man that’s looking. But to those that want to pretend otherwise, it’s not too hard. Since child rearing isn’t an exact science, it’s easy for them to pretend there’s no one way to do it. In this way, they justify having the government raise children, as is more and more the case with government daycare and more time spent at school.

Science, by cutting out all that isn’t demonstrable, has cut our knowledge up. It has removed from the realm of legitimacy the intuitions we have about life. As such, we’re intellectually destitute. Without the wealth of knowledge that comes from intuition, we’re lost. That’s one of the major reasons that the modern era is such an ignorant one.