Deductive Thinking: One of the Main Reasons the Right is Liberalized

Deductive reasoning is one of the main reasons that the right is liberalized. This probably sounds crazy, so let me explain.

Deductive reasoning is reasoning from a settled start point. Here’s a famous example:

Socrates is a man,
and all men are mortal,
therefore Socrates is mortal.

Deductive reasoning is just drawing logical lines from a start point. In this case, it’s that Socrates is a man.

Thus deductive reasoning is only as good as its starting point. In the above case, it’s true, because Socrates is a man. But what if it wasn’t something so clear? What if it wasn’t something true? Say for instance, it was that all people are equal. Now, if you’re a good logical thinker, and you accept as your start point that all people are equal, you’re going to have a lot of bad thinking. That, in fact, is one big reason why modern intellectuals are useless: they are deductive thinkers, and their starting place is liberal principles. As such, they just draw logical lines from what is false. This is one big reason why they are so dense.

It’s also why, as they say, most people have their world view fully settled by the time they leave college. This is largely because their youth is when they pick up their ideas, or starting places. After that, it’s just a process of drawing logical lines from those starting points.

And that is one big reason that the right is liberalized. There is really nothing conservative about the modern right, because the modern right is drawing lines from liberal starting points. The right is famously more logical than the left is. And in this case, it’s doing them, and us, a lot of harm.

This is why control of the schools is so important. The schools are the biggest shapers of public opinion. This is because they get 12 years of unfettered access to young minds. With these minds still shaping, and with the parents safely tucked away at work, there is little that the schools can’t teach. As such, they teach that Christianity, Europeans, and the West are bad with little opposition. This is because they control the environment they are teaching in. You can’t just waltz into a school and begin arguing with a teacher about what he’s teaching. As such, he’s free to teach what he likes, as long as it isn’t so outrageous as to be inarguably wrong.

Again, deductive thinking is a big reason why the right is liberalized. It gets its premises from the liberals, and then draws lines from them. This largely accounts for the cluelessness of the right. It also accounts for their dense minds. They are deductive thinkers, not creators. As such, the liberals can blather out whatever they want. And the right can either draw logical lines from what the liberals have said, and surely lose; or they can draw lines from something that has gone out of date. They lose either way.