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Why is Every Wrong Act an Act of Cowardice?

If you’ve paid any attention to the news, you know that every massacre, beating, gang attack, and so forth, is referred to as an act of “cowardice.”

Now I wonder why?

Why, instead of condemning the act as evil, or the actors as evil, instead they reach for cowardice?

Frankly, I’m embarrassed when I hear it. They sound like a bunch of nincompoops who are sanctimoniously lecturing a wrongdoer. Cowardice? Do they really think the perpetrator, or the victims, cares if it was an act of cowardice? Will that kind of condemnation stop future crimes?

Consider the case of the 14 year old Australian who was attacked by Africans. That case was referred to as an act of cowardice as well. Do these people think:

(A), that it will give any comfort to the boy to have his attackers called cowards?

(B), that it will stop future attacks from African migrants on native Australians?

Now, what if this had been said instead:

“For African migrants, who we’ve kindly accepted into our nation, to attack one of our native citizens is both shocking and aggravating. This will not be allowed to continue. We will prosecute any such crimes, including this one, with the utmost vigor and energy. We will remove such criminality from our streets.

Additionally, we are going to reconsider our refugee and immigration policies in light of this event. And we shall reconsider it with full consciousness of what is good for the citizens of Australia.”

Now, what effect do you think that would have? It would make the migrants think twice about cutting their connection to the nice, first world country they are presently living in. A few would doubt the seriousness of the declaration at first. But when their compatriots start getting rounded up and sent back to Africa because of their crimes, they would behave themselves fast.

The leaders of the West are failing their peoples. Sanctimonious condemnations like “cowardice” for crimes both brutal and intolerable shows this.

The Refugee System is a Scam for America

We should end the refugee system permanently. All we are getting out of it is droves of people from incompatible cultures that put our own people at risk.

Why should the American people have to deal with, say, Muslim Somalis that want to keep livestock in their yards? Why should the American people have to even think about such a thing?

If conditions in Somalia, or any other third world country are so bad, it is the responsibility of its people to set it straight. It is not the responsibility of Americans to have to deal with this.

Now, if rich people, or influential people want to help them in their own countries, then well and good. They should be encouraged to do so. But the moment these same “big hearted” people want to bring them here, where they can’t be assimilated, they must be opposed. The United States is not a charity: it is a nation. This idea that we are responsible for all the poor and oppressed in the world is false. These people are responsible for themselves. We aren’t their guardians.

Obama: US can Meet Goal of Taking in 10,000 Syrian Refugees

From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says the U.S. can meet his goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees by Sept. 30, the end of the federal budget year.

The question is not “can” we, but “should” we. The answer to that question is no.

For decades many politicians have regarded the United States as a charity house established to take in all the sufferers of the world. Whether it is a natural disaster, say a hurricane, or something man-made like a civil war, these politicians take it for granted that the US is here to take care of all the people hurt by such occurrences.

First off, this is simply wrong. A nation state exists to forward the interests of its own people. A nation state is not a lodging house established to help all the suffering people in the world.

Second, this is very bad policy. For a nation to take it upon itself to aid and shield all of the oppressed peoples of the world is to line itself up for dissolution. No single nation can possibly handle the millions (perhaps billions) of people that need help. Moreover, it certainly can’t literally take in those people, often from backward cultures, and treat them as if they were average Joe Workadays born in Brooklyn. These people are often completely unassimilable, and to bring them here weakens our culture.

The US must assert its interests, and stick to them. Among them, is to stop taking in refugees, period.