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“Making the Case™” Doesn’t Work

In modern politics, when a man on the right talks about “Making the Case™” for this or that, he’s signalling that he’s already lost. I’ll explain below.

If a lawyer makes a case in court, what is he doing? He’s highlighting laws and court decisions from the past, and drawing logical lines to his client’s case. In short, he’s trying to show that those laws and decisions support his client’s plea.

In politics it’s exactly the same. When a man is Making the Case™ for something in politics, he’s highlighting political doctrines and drawing lines from them to his goal.

For instance: some lame-brained people on the right have tried to say that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to come to America because their religion does not believe in equality. What these people are doing is saying we should be unequal, because Muslims are being unequal. What they are saying is:

Equality > Muslims are violating it.

Equality > Let’s violate it ourselves, to keep them from violating it.

It makes no logical sense. And Making the Case™ is all about logic. They are bound to fail. (As a note: I fully support a Muslim ban. But arguing that we should be illiberal to keep illiberal people from coming here to be illiberal is a stupid tactic.)

I highlight the above to show why Making the Case™ fails. It utterly depends on precedent. But what is the political precedent, more or less, in America? Liberalism. As such, it can’t be used to justify illiberal things. That is why “making the case” doesn’t work: it depends on outside authority. And all the outside authorities are liberal.

So what do we do instead? Simply declare the truth. You’ve seen me do it here many times. Trump does it. Theodore Roosevelt, who was very successful politically, did it too.

You see, the majority of the American people are illiberal themselves. We can just speak to them about what we both know to be true. Instead of finding precedents and drawing lines from them to our actions, we can speak to them about what we both know to be true. We can build political strength that way. We can win elections that way.

And what other way is there? Making the Case™ has failed for decades because it depends on liberalism. Declarative statement is the way to go. Besides, the liberals aren’t prepared for it. It will give them a good pounding initially.

And finally, the media isn’t prepared for declarative statements. What they try to do is get you tied up in illiberal conclusions. They say “Well yes Mr. Fighter. But what about the poor people that are just crossing the border to come here and be free? What do you say to them?”

What he’s asking is “How do you reconcile this with liberalism.”

I would answer: “I don’t say anything to them at all. They have no right to be here and will be sent back.”

The media would faint. The people would cheer. And America would be a nation again.

And what did I do? Did I draw lines from outside authorities on why they have no right to be here? No. I simply stated it. I made a declarative statement.

Work it into your thinking to make declarative statements in politics. Making the Case™ fails.

Why Donald Trump is Surging

Donald Trump is successful today because he is filling a need Americans have. For decades, normal, everyday Americans have been attacked and smeared by the left in this country. The media, Hollywood, and not a few major companies have been involved in the left’s strange, unpatriotic attack on normalcy and Americanism. Modern conservatism has completely failed to push back against the left, and this failure has led to more fatigue than the mod-cons know.

Consider first the anti-Americanism of Hollywood. For years they’ve been putting out movies that have depicted Americans as weak, bigoted, or just plain stupid. They’ve also made movies designed to attack our military, economy, and religion. It’s common for movies to paint Christianity in a bad light. This is so commonplace that we assume it’s just a normal part of life. But it’s nothing short of a revolutionary attack. When in times past have the mainstream sources of entertainment actively attacked their own country’s religion? Did the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome attack their gods? Did the festivities of ancient Japan attack their religion at every turn? Clearly this is something new under the sun.

And what about the mainstream media’s attacks on the military? Every prisoner mistreated by a US solider is trumpeted day and night by the “news” media. They dedicate special programs, documentaries, and endless interviews to dealing with “the problem of prisoner abuses by the US military.” The way they talk, you’d think that prisoner abuse is commonplace. Of course it’s not. The US military has probably the best record for prisoner treatment of any military in history. But they parade any abuses they find to drive a wedge between the military and the people. Their strategy is endless divide and conquer, and so they look for any opportunity, any opening that they can drive a wedge into.

And what about just plain old patriotism? Now we have schools that have banned American flags on Cinco De Mayo because it might offend Mexican immigrants. Who cares if it offends them! This is the United States, not Mexico. If they want their cultural icons, traditions, and holidays to be revered, they should have stayed in Mexico. It’s rank arrogance to move to another country, and then expect them to adopt your culture. It would be like Ohioans moving to Japan, and then demanding that the Japanese start observing the Fourth of July. It’s a whole new level of arrogance to demand that a country that you’ve moved to change to suit your tastes.

And not only has our culture been attacked, but even our livelihoods have been threatened. In many cases they’ve been destroyed altogether. Detroit? A pale, battered shadow of its former self. It used to be a bustling, wealthy city full of good paying manufacturing jobs. Now it’s just a hollow shell. Globalism has wreaked terrible havoc on our economy. All across the Midwest and much of the Northeast, formerly healthy, happy towns have been ruined by free trade. Unrestricted commerce has hollowed out our country and transformed many places into service and transportation only job markets. There are not a few truck driving jobs, but they’re for transporting foreign-made goods.

Donald Trump is a complete course reversal. When the left attacks America he reflexively defends it. He doesn’t even think about it. He doesn’t have to. Unlike the phony intellectuals of the right, who have to conjure reasons to defend America, Trump just states that America is good and leaves it at that. He doesn’t think he needs to justify patriotism like the useless right has done. He skips all the gobbledygook about “American Free Enterprise,” “Limited Government,” and so forth, and simply defends his country like a man defends his mother: because it’s self-evidently the right thing to do. He is a normal, red-blooded American, and other red-blooded Americans love him for it.

In addition to this, he also clearly knows more about the economy and foreign policy than the wonks do. Their thinking is dominated by abstract philosophies they picked up in college, not by real world experience or even common sense. Obviously Iraq was a failure. To step into a middle eastern country and try to turn it into Kansas was complete madness. The people, religion, and terrain are so different that you can’t possibly make it into Little America. He saw this because his thinking is dominated by commonsense. The wonks who have been ruining our foreign policy for seventy years still think Iraq was a good idea. They don’t live in the real world.

And the economy? What victories have we had economically in the past 50 years? Trump sees that our course is suicidal. He sees that we can’t possibly be rich, powerful, and free if we’re dependent on other countries for even our most basic goods. He proposes to change the course of the economy by bringing back the economic policies that built the country in the first place. He wants tariffs on companies that outsource jobs. He wants a protective tariff against foreign goods to protect American industries. He also wants to push back against countries, like China, that are actively working against our economy by manipulating their currency.

And finally, he wants to free the military from its social-engineering lab rat status and turn it back into an offensive weapon. He wants to modernize it, streamline it, and employ it intelligently, instead of scattering it all over the globe protecting other countries for free. The military belongs to us. It is not a global police force. Trump recognizes this, and the people recognize it too. It’s another feather in his cap as far as the average American is concerned.

Trump, in a word, is probably the most purely American potential president we’ve had since Theodore Roosevelt. After decades of policy wonks, crony capitalists, and old guys looking for something to put their names in the history books, Americans are glad to finally have a potential president that puts America first.

The AP Fawns over Clinton’s Attacks on Trump

From the AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Clinton may have found her message.

Wrapped in the guise of a foreign policy speech, Clinton delivered a political thrashing of Donald Trump on Thursday that was unquestionably a standout moment for a candidate who has often struggled to focus her White House campaign.

Clinton’s sharply targeted remarks served notice on the presumptive Republican nominee that she’s prepared for a bruising general election fight, one that’s centered squarely on his competency to serve as commander in chief.

“He is not just unprepared – he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility,” Clinton said.

Those are the exact same things that Republicans have said against Trump ever since he entered the race. Clinton is hardly treading new ground, and for the AP to treat this as some kind of thrashing is absurd. They’re just cheerleading for Clinton.

Trump essentially won the nomination when he destroyed Cruz and Kasich in Indiana back on May 3rd. That was a month ago. If Clinton is so tough, why hasn’t she defeated Sanders and won the nomination already? She has already had the deck stacked in her favor because of the Superdelegates. She already has name recognition and a built in body of support in the Democratic party. So why is she still fighting with Sanders?

This is why: she is a weak candidate. Yes, she’ll still give Trump a battle in the fall. But remember that unknown senator Obama was able to take the nomination from her in 2008. Remember that an old man from Vermont, a socialist no less, is giving her a run for her money with hardly any Superdelegate support.

Ignore the media, both right and left. Clinton will only be tough to beat because she is the Democratic nominee, not because she is a strong candidate.

US Economy Added Only 38K Jobs Last Month

From the BBC:

The Labor Department said that employers added just 38,000 jobs last month, the fewest since September 2010.

The jobless rate fell to 4.7% from 5%, the lowest since November 2007.

But this was partly due to people dropping out of the labour force and no longer being counted as unemployed.

The “Obama Recovery” isn’t happening at all. Obama has been one of the worst economic presidents America has ever had. 38,000 jobs? Don’t believe what the media is propagandizing: there is no recovery at all.

It’s good to see the media admit that people are leaving the workforce. This was something you used to only hear on right wing news outlets. I guess the MSM can’t hide from it anymore, and so they have to mention it. After all, they do have to retain their relevancy if they are going to keep viewers.

Trump Campaign Chief: You’ll see a Different Trump after the Primary

From the AP:

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) – His general-election appeal in question, Donald Trump’s senior team is promising anxious Republicans that voters will see “a real different way” soon after the GOP front-runner claims his party’s presidential nomination. “When he’s out on the stage, when he’s talking about the kinds of things he’s talking about on the stump, he’s projecting an image that’s for that purpose,” Paul Manafort, who is leading Trump’s primary election strategy, told Republican National Committee members in a private briefing late Thursday. The Associated Press obtained a recording of the discussion. “You’ll start to see more depth of the person, the real person.

First, every Republican campaign promises to “go to the middle” after the primary. It has been GOP dogma ever since Nixon.

Second, Manafort didn’t actually say anything. The AP would like you to get the impression that Trump will turn around on the issues. They want you to think Trump is going to stab his supporters in the back to get elected.

But Manafort, in the common tradition of politics, used words that you can interpret multiple ways. It’s lawyer-speak, in other words. The idea is to use words that give an impression without actually committing to anything. The goal is to get the best of both worlds: get a guy’s support without actually promising him anything.

It’s sneaky, but that’s politics.

The goal of reporting like this is to make Trump’s supporters doubt him. Now that Trump is go higher and higher in state polls, the political media is trying to get some of Trump’s supporters to stay home on election day. They’re trying to lower his supporter’s morale.

Again, it’s sneaky, but that’s politics.

The Political Media

I was reading a blog recently and I came across the phrase “the political media.” That frames perfectly what the media is.

Calling it “the political media” removes their false veil of impartiality and puts them in perspective. Because they act and talk as though they’re unbiased, we tend to believe them.

But they are busy at work avoiding all the news that doesn’t fit. Their political role is to shape the bounds of public thought by publishing the “right” news and omitting all the “wrong” news.

By doing so, people get a slanted view of the world around them. Thus politicians can propose laws that seem reasonable when they aren’t, because the media has given the public a slanted view of the world around them.

A perfect example of this is the media’s reporting of the Iraq War. Night after night the network news shows would detail how many soldiers had been killed. They ran stories covering the plights of wounded veterans who were disabled for life. They interviewed the families, wives, parents, of these soldiers and recorded their tearful reactions to the disabilities or deaths of their loved ones.

But did the media cover how many of the Taliban were getting killed? Did they cover how they were getting bombed by the Air Force? Oh sure, technically they covered these topics. But they were reported dryly, in black and white if you will. The stories of our soldiers’ deaths were in full, living color.

And so the media gradually turned the public against the Bush administration. By telling one side of the story, they gave the public a false picture. That false picture of Iraq led to the “Bush fatigue” that seriously damaged the Republicans in the 2008 election. That was the goal all along: to damage the GOP to get a Democratic victory at the polls.

The same thing happens at Trump rallies. The media doesn’t outright lie about how many people go to his rallies. But they don’t pan out and view the huge crowds with their cameras. They don’t let the viewers see how many people Trump draws. This helps them keep the idea going that Trump is just a loser with only a clique of radical supporters.

This is why Trump makes such a point of protesters. Like he says, that’s the only time the media will point their cameras at the great mass of the audience.

“The political media” is a very accurate description.