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Trump’s VP Pick; Rumors Say it’s Mike Pence

Rumors are circulating that Trump is going to pick Mike Pence for VP.

I certainly hope not. Pence is an amnesty man and a go-along-get-along type of Republican. He backed and worked hard to get amnesty passed back during George W. Bush’s administration. Additionally, he’s a free-trade, business-first Republican.

Picking Pence would be a huge mistake.

I hope instead that Trump will pick Jeff Sessions. Sessions is a nationalist and a workers-first man. He’s one of the best men in politics on the issue of immigration. Additionally, he’s got the right temperament for VP.

What I’d like to see is Trump pick Sessions for his first term. Sessions is 69, and as such he’s too old to take over for Trump after eight years. The best thing would be for Trump to pick him for the first four years of his administration, and then pick a younger man for the second four years. The immigration fight will be hottest in Trump’s first term, and it will be important to have an experienced, old hand at the issue. Additionally, Trump will need a man he can trust.

With Trump, immigration will be the central issue. This will pull a lot of legitimate, America-first immigration patriots out of the woodwork. Thus I expect there would be plenty of choices for VP after the battle is over. There aren’t that many to choose from right now. But after four years of battle, the line will have been drawn and sides will have been chosen. It will be pretty easy to find a good man for the job then.

But for right now, Sessions is the best man.

Gingrich Shouldn’t be Trump’s VP

Gingrich’s name is floating around as a possible VP for Trump.

Gingrich would be bad for Trump’s candidacy. He is a silly, half-baked intellectual without principle or substance. He goes where the winds blow. He also studiously avoids saying anything of any real weight. I’ve heard him in numerous interviews, particularly on Sean Hannity’s radio show: he always shields his statements in vagueness.

He has the substance of a jellyfish. A hard-hitting man like Trump doesn’t need a jellyfish backing him up.

Besides, Gingrich is an amnesty guy.

Trump would be better served picking a man like Sessions.