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Why hasn’t DACA been removed?

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is one of Obama’s executive orders that illegally allows certain illegals to stay here. Obama had no legal power to order their deportation to be ‘deferred,’ and all it would take is a stroke of the pen from Trump to remove the policy. Yet he hasn’t done so.

Why? Perhaps it’s part of his somewhat slapstick style. This is not to insult him. But the fact is he tends to take a lopsided approach to what policy initiatives he’ll advance.

It’s true that he said a few weeks ago that he wanted to deal with the ‘Dreamers’ with ‘compassion,’ so it’s possible that some of his advisers are pressuring him over the issue. Doubtless all the Republicans on capital hill are telling him it’s political suicide to end DACA and deport these ‘minors.’ In fact it’s a political winner. The American people like a president who stands up for them. And more importantly, the nation’s sovereignty and demographic integrity are involved. DACA should be removed immediately, and all its recipients should be deported.

And for those who might be concerned: the Democrats didn’t make DACA for the sake of compassion. The whole point is to get, and keep, as many immigrants in the country as possible, since they tend to vote Democrat. It’s a way of getting more Democratic votes.

Associated Press: Mexican Flag Normal Part of America

From the AP:

Mexican flag, seen at Trump protests, has long history in US

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — It’s a flag seen at many protests against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. It also can be spotted at immigration rallies, on murals in cities with sizeable Latino populations and at Mexican National team soccer games held on U.S. soil.

The flag of Mexico has a long history in the United States, despite being a symbol of a nation south of the border. It became a topic of discussion last week after a violent anti-Trump protest in Albuquerque.

The Mexican flag was never a prominent symbol in the United States, outside of some small Mexican enclaves in the south-west. It’s only in recent decades, with the high number of Mexican illegal aliens, that the flag is becoming mainstream. It is only “mainstream” in the United States to the extent that Mexicans are becoming mainstream and aren’t assimilating.

Of course, assimilation is anathema to liberals anyhow. “What! Assimilate to an evil country? Besides, how can they be expected to abandon their rich heritage?” I’ll tell you how: we built this country. It is a reflection of us, not the Mexicans. If they want to come to our country, we have every right to dictate whatever terms we wish for entry. If they don’t like our terms, then they have every right to stay in their own countries. There is no ‘right’ to come to the United States. Additionally, we haven’t the slightest obligation in the world to let them come. It is purely our own choice whether or not we do so.

And the liberals can’t figure out why Trump is so popular…