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The Democratic Convention

Well, the Democratic convention is underway. It will be a not-stop festival of lies and distortions.

The speakers will talk about diversity, tolerance, and the lack of diversity and tolerance.

Hillary Clinton will make a good piece of her speech about women, their imaginary plight, and how she’s going to make things better for them. As noted before, she’s the Feminist candidate.

I expect the convention to feel unreal. All the emphasis will be put on non-whites, feminists, and perverts. This will be unreal, because most of the country does not consist of these groups. It will be strange to watch them run head-first into the arms of disparate groups who are actually fairly weak politically.

I plan to avoid as much of it as possible. There’s enough junk in politics as it is.

The Psychology of Clinton’s “I’m With Her” Slogan

Have you shaken your head at Clinton’s “I’m With Her” slogan? You’re not alone.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Clinton’s campaign is little more than a feminist projection. Hillary has no qualifications to be president. She has no accomplishments. She also has no connection to an ethnic or economic group. For instance, Obama was the candidate of the non-white electorate. Romney, on the other hand, was the candidate of the wealthy.

But Hillary has no such group appeal. Instead, she’s trying to appeal to the female sex. The psychology of “I’m With Her” is this: it’s an invitation to women to imagine they are Hillary. She is inviting them to treat her as their avatar.

We’ve all seen those cardboard cutouts of muscle-men with the face missing so you can put your head in. That’s what Hillary is inviting women to do: imagine that, though Hillary is the body, the mind is theirs. “I’m With Her” would more accurately read “I Am Her.”

Sound bizarre? Consider this. We imagine ourselves to be heroes in books, movies, and music all the time. One of the main appeals of music to many people is that they can pretend they are the protagonist and thus escape their weaknesses. In their minds, they put on the character of a stronger person for a little while to ease their own thinking.

Many women in America are feminists. But since feminism is unnatural, it’s grinding them down over time. They are crossing into their later years, and losing hope in the Good News of feminism. The goal of the Clinton campaign is to connect with these women, make them treat Hillary as their avatar, and as such to give them a chosen one to justify and reinvigorate their faltering faith. The psychology is this: “if Hillary can do it, so can I. I can still succeed as a feminist if Hillary can”*.

To some extent it’s working. She’s doing pretty well with women at the moment. But it’s too narrow a strategy to win in the end. There simply aren’t enough women of that stripe to carry Hillary across the finish line. She’d need to pull in support from some other groups, and she’s not capable of doing that. Her only hope is that Trump destroys himself, which I highly, highly doubt.


*This is also going to give Clinton’s campaign a number of desperately devoted supporters. Since their whole world hinges on Clinton’s win, they are going to work hard to get her elected. Additionally, they are going to desperately hate anyone who opposes her.