Air Force Secretary Supports Female Draft

From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Air Force’s top civilian official said Friday she supports requiring young women to register for a potential military draft as Congress heads toward a divisive debate over whether to erase gender restrictions from Selective Service.

Air Force Secretary Deborah James said there’s no reason women shouldn’t have to sign up just as men between the ages of 18 and 25 do. Women have never before been required to register in the United States and including them in a draft pool has outraged social conservatives.

“My opinion as an American is that we should have a Selective Service,” James said during the taping of an interview for C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” program. “It’s an insurance policy for the United States and I think women should register just as I think young men should register.”

I can think of several reasons women shouldn’t be in the draft:

1: Women aren’t as strong as men, both physically and mentally. The intense G-forces of flying a jet plane will be too much for many females and they will flunk out of the Air Force, wasting time and money. Additionally, they’ll be a hazard during war because of their inability to function as well under stress, lack of sleep, and again G-forces.

2: It will increase the division of the military. It is basic human nature for men and women to fight over each other. In an all-male military, such mating-combat is non-existent since there are no women to fight over. But mixing the two sexes will cause fights and will divide men from each other. It is human nature.

3: Women must stop being encouraged to be men. That is the whole goal of these programs: to destroy sex distinctions and treat everyone “equally.” You can’t treat everyone equally, because people aren’t equal.

The response of several “social conservatives” is pathetic:

Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Mike Lee, R-Utah, said they will fight to have the provision removed from the bill. They said far more research is required before such a significant change is made.

“Research?” What research is needed to know that women make bad soldiers? It is simple common sense. The real matter here with Cruz and Lee is they want a piece of research to hide behind.

So much for ‘fightin’ Ted!