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Scotland Voted to Stay in the EU

By a fascinatingly large majority, Scotland voted to remain in the EU. So did Northern Ireland.

The U.K. is of course made up of more than one country: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Here’s how they voted, according to the BBC:

England: 53.4% Leave | 46.6% Remain

Wales: 52.5% Leave | 47.%% Remain

Scotland: 38% Leave | 62% Remain

North Ireland: 44.2% Leave | 55.8% Remain

I was surprised to find that the Scottish, with their reputation for hardy independence, would vote so hugely to stay. Looks like they aren’t so independence minded after all.

It’s a good thing for England that it has the biggest population. That’s the only way that Leave was able to win.

Britain has Brexited

Britain has voted to leave the EU, by a margin of 52% leave, 48% stay.

This is great for Britain, and for the west generally. They’ve taken a bite out of the globalist agenda. The EU is just a vehicle for the globalists to try to exploit and destroy the people of Europe.¬†Hopefully Britain¬†won’t be the only nation to leave. Countries need to keep leaving until the EU is dissolved. The globalists must be stopped.

Hopefully this is the first step towards a nationalistic Britain. Hopefully they’ll fight for themselves now, and not act as willing servants of liberalism.