Earth Day

So today is Earth Day. Mostly it’s just an excuse for totalitarians to try to stamp down on industry. We’ve seen for years their attacks on coal, oil, gas, and really anything that pollutes.

Of course all of these things pollute, but not to the planet-fouling degree that they allege. And since all of these fuels are being burned in more efficient ways all the time, their pollution value is gradually declining.

Environmentalism is fueled by multiple groups. You’ve got the old style leftover commies that want to end American industry because they still think America is an oppressive capitalistic menace.

You’ve got the totalitarians that want to control all of business. They use EPA regulations and pollution standards to control business in fact, if not in form.

Then there are the “naturalists” who wish mankind never existed on earth. They inconceivably think that earth would be better off without man. They’re a strange lot.

Then there are the well-meaning people that think they’re doing something good. They’ve just been propagandized by the media. Basically they’re just normal people who have been misled by others.

And so we have Earth Day. A 24 hour farce that comes about every year.