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The Democratic Convention

Well, the Democratic convention is underway. It will be a not-stop festival of lies and distortions.

The speakers will talk about diversity, tolerance, and the lack of diversity and tolerance.

Hillary Clinton will make a good piece of her speech about women, their imaginary plight, and how she’s going to make things better for them. As noted before, she’s the Feminist candidate.

I expect the convention to feel unreal. All the emphasis will be put on non-whites, feminists, and perverts. This will be unreal, because most of the country does not consist of these groups. It will be strange to watch them run head-first into the arms of disparate groups who are actually fairly weak politically.

I plan to avoid as much of it as possible. There’s enough junk in politics as it is.


The AP Fawns over Clinton’s Attacks on Trump

From the AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Clinton may have found her message.

Wrapped in the guise of a foreign policy speech, Clinton delivered a political thrashing of Donald Trump on Thursday that was unquestionably a standout moment for a candidate who has often struggled to focus her White House campaign.

Clinton’s sharply targeted remarks served notice on the presumptive Republican nominee that she’s prepared for a bruising general election fight, one that’s centered squarely on his competency to serve as commander in chief.

“He is not just unprepared – he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility,” Clinton said.

Those are the exact same things that Republicans have said against Trump ever since he entered the race. Clinton is hardly treading new ground, and for the AP to treat this as some kind of thrashing is absurd. They’re just cheerleading for Clinton.

Trump essentially won the nomination when he destroyed Cruz and Kasich in Indiana back on May 3rd. That was a month ago. If Clinton is so tough, why hasn’t she defeated Sanders and won the nomination already? She has already had the deck stacked in her favor because of the Superdelegates. She already has name recognition and a built in body of support in the Democratic party. So why is she still fighting with Sanders?

This is why: she is a weak candidate. Yes, she’ll still give Trump a battle in the fall. But remember that unknown senator Obama was able to take the nomination from her in 2008. Remember that an old man from Vermont, a socialist no less, is giving her a run for her money with hardly any Superdelegate support.

Ignore the media, both right and left. Clinton will only be tough to beat because she is the Democratic nominee, not because she is a strong candidate.

Hillary Clinton has a Sanders Problem

Hillary Clinton has been unable to beat Bernie Sanders and take the Democratic nomination. This raises questions about Hillary’s strength as a candidate in the fall election.

The RealClearPolitics average from April 20th to May 19th has Clinton at 51.4% support for the Democratic nomination, as opposed to Sanders’ 43.4%. These are very close numbers for Clinton to have, especially considering her years in the political spotlight. That she is fighting such a close battle with Sanders, a socialist senator from Vermont, shows that she is a much weaker candidate than many in the media would have us believe.

Her predicament with Sanders becomes even more stark when you remove her superdelegate support.

To win the nomination, Clinton needs 2383 delegates. She presently has 2,293 delegates, compared to Sanders’ 1,536. But when you remove superdelegates from the picture, she leads Sanders 1,768 to 1,497, a mere 271 delegates.

The superdelegates, most of them past and present Democratic politicians, give the Democratic machine a good deal of sway over an election. Their early support of Clinton gave her an added sense of inevitability over Bernie Sanders, plus an appearance of official, mainstream support as opposed to Sanders’ grassroots campaign.

But their support has come at a cost. Sanders has been able to make the point that the system is rigged against him, and that the will of Democratic voters is being thwarted by machine politicians. It’s hard not to agree with him, since he has won numerous primaries, some by double digits.

But despite superdelegates, and at least 31 million dollars from outside groups, Clinton still hasn’t knocked Sanders out of the race.

The fact is Clinton represents an older version of the Democratic party that isn’t running the show anymore, vote wise. The Democratic party has moved into much more radical, socialistic waters, and Sanders’ message of wealth redistribution, much like Obama’s is more appealing to many Democrats.

Additionally, the increased anti-American radicalism of the Democratic party is chasing many normal Democrats into the GOP, notably to Donald Trump’s campaign. This means that Clinton’s support is eroding on both sides: she is losing radicals to the Sanders-Obama wing of the party, and working-class Democrats to the GOP. This makes it much harder for her to secure the nomination.

So what is she to do? Probably all she can do is pour as much many, and as many superdelegates into her campaign as possible, and wring one last nomination out of the Democratic party. After this election, it will probably be Obama-style socialism to the hilt, and a Democrat like Clinton can’t swim in that kind of ocean.