Patrick Buchanan: Help or Hindrance?

In Buchanan’s latest article, he questions, for probably the thousandth time, if America can survive without Christianity.

I’ve read his articles fairly frequently, and while he does say a lot of things mainstream conservatives wont, yet he is also a constant bucket of cold water. Frankly, I’ve avoided really addressing it for years, since Buchanan does write a lot of good things.

But his perennial pessimism has filled up a kind of meter in my mind, and I’ve had enough. So here are my thoughts:

Buchanan: what is the point of putting all these “harsh truths” out there if the very next sentence you’re going to pooh-pooh the very country, the very people you say you are trying to help?

What is the point of alerting the West to Muslim immigration if you’re just going to say that the West is probably doomed? In short, why write book after book detailing how and why things are going to be so horrible, and yet you don’t do a thing about it? And on top of it, why do you say things that are guaranteed to demoralize the very people who would do what you wont do, that is, actually act to solve the problems the West has to deal with?

To make an analogy, why do you (a), tell the patient he is dying; (b) tell him that there is almost certainly nothing that can be done to save him; (c) talk endlessly about his death, how he is going to die, and how the world will be without him? The last one is especially morbid. Why are you demoralizing everyone else that want to actually try to save the man?

These are our people we are talking about. If the nations of the West fall, the people will go more or less into slavery. We have to work to save America, even if there is little or no chance of success because these are our people. Besides, prophets of doom tend to be wrong, and deliverance may come from a quarter that nobody expected. Remember, that both James Burnham and Alexander Solzhenitsyn thought that the Soviet Union would conquer the West. Yet by 1991 the Soviets had collapsed because of the presidency of one single man.

As Churchill said, “sometimes imagination makes things out far worse than they are.”

But the fact is, despite all the doom that the prophet Patrick foretells, our situation is not beyond hope. Heck, it is very fixable. Consider the utter sea-change our politics have had because of Trump. Just one man! Just one single man has turned our politics-as-usual atmosphere into one of the most exciting and meaningful elections of our lives.

The real problems facing America are globalism and hyper individualism. Globalism is damaging our economy, and bringing to our shores millions of unassimilable people. Hyper individualism is paralyzing our national conscience, and dampens our ability as a nation to take care of ourselves.

The country is ripe for anti-globalism and for a healthy communitarian, common-good focused philosophy. All that really needs to be done is to advocate these things to get the ball rolling. Once they become part of the national discussion, political action becomes possible.

But Buchanan always stops short of this, and as stated at the top I’ve had enough of it. I don’t plan to read Buchanan any longer for light on world events, since he, at bottom, is only a depressant. And I think that at bottom he is a hindrance to patriotic reform in America, since he highlights problems, and then talks about how impossible it is to solve them.

Having read Buchanan, you get the sense that not only is the world a terrible place, but there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. That’s mistaken.

For a long time I thought it was just the turn of events that had depressed him. So I cut him some slack and kept reading. This thinking appeared justified when he perked up over Trump, and began writing as if America could be saved. But now, even with Trump all but dominant in the GOP Primary, Buchanan is back to his sour grapes outlook.

And so I wont be reading him anymore, unless I have to for the sake of political commentary.