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Society Needs Families

Ask a liberal today if he thinks families are crucial to society, and he’ll say no. This is because he’s so caught up in the autonomy of the individual that he’s blinded to reality.

The fact is society is made up of people. In order for people to get a good, healthy start in life, they must have a good family to spring from.

People who come from broken families or no families at all are poorer citizens. They tend to abuse substances more. They also have more problems functioning in society. This is because the social connections that people need most start at home. Without them, they are vaulting into life with a runway that’s too short: maybe they’ll make it, maybe not.

The best course is to remove the above gamble and strengthen families. This means, for one, delegitimizing single parenthood. Parenthood can’t be viewed as a form of self-expression. That’s what it is now. And it’s partly why so many families are poorly run. Family must be regarded as a sacred duty instead. It must not be treated as a personal matter.

And this is because it isn’t. When two people get married and have children, they take on the responsibilities of parenthood. At this point, their lives become less about them and more about their children. They still must take care of themselves, of course. But the emphasis is on their children. They must make them the first priority of their lives, since they are utterly dependent on them. Their education, health, and morals must be well taken care of.

Another reason that parenthood isn’t about the parents, is because of the family’s outsized effect on society. For the parents, having children has an enormous effect on their lives. But it has an even bigger effect on society. This is because these children eventually will be society.

As such, it’s incorrect for people to treat parenthood as an exclusively personal choice. They first must consider their children. Second they must consider society. And thirdly, they must consider themselves. All three elements are critically important. But that is the proper order of importance. As such, the care of their children, in terms of health, morals, and education, is paramount.

For these reasons, parenthood must be treated much more seriously than it is now. America must place family back up at the top of the list for life achievements. Career, self-expression, money: none of them are as important as family.

Again, this means that family must stop being viewed as a personal matter and choice. Family is not a vehicle for self-expression. A family is not a fun thing to have just because you feel like it. Family is more important than our personal wants. It transcends self-aggrandizement.

There must be a cultural revolution in America. Its main goal must be the reinstatement of family as the chief goal in our lives. Careerism must be thrown out.

Immigration and Culture

Some will say that to expect people to drop their old thougths and ways and become like us is unjust, since they have a right to their way of doing things. But they are forgetting that these people are coming to our nation, to live within our borders, under our government. The nation is ours, and we have a right to expect people to live the way we do. If they want to continue living the way they always have, they can live in their nation, within their borders, under their government.