The Constitution

The constitution nowadays is becoming an obsession with many on the right. The left has of course attacked it for a long time now, and the damage they’ve done must be repaired. But it simply isn’t enough to talk about the constitution day in and day out. The right has to stand for America if it’s going to be any help to the country. It’s got to attack the whole panoply of liberal causes and not simply defend the constitution. The constitution after all is only the frame of the government. It does not dictate what is done within that frame. In short, it is essential, but it is the foundation of the government: good government consists of much more than simply following the rules of the constitution.

The right for decades now has been afraid to fight the left on anything of real importance. From time to time it will battle over some particular issue – the Iraq War for instance. But otherwise the Democrats are given a pretty free hand. It’s as if the right has lost it’s spine, and is too scared to fight the Democrats over anything.

But back to the main point: the right must fight for the constitution. But it must fight for the American public as well. It must fight for the interests of the American common man, and not just for our framework of government.