Not a few people in America are afraid of militarism. That is, they’re afraid that America will become a military state, or at least a nation whose thinking is dominated by wars and conquest. This is nonsense. Even a basic handle of American history will show that America has never been a breeding ground of militarism. We’re not the kind of people that thrills to conquest.

There are academics, typically liberals, that imagine imperialism behind every door, but they’re actually just anti-west. They want to attack the west, and so they attack western colonialism. Of course, many other non-western countries have had colonies, Japan for instance. The fact that they don’t criticize countries like Japan is telling: it shows that these academics don’t actually care about imperialism. All they want is a stick to hit the west with. But all the same, with their lies they carry away some well-meaning people who are afraid of militarism. These people can rest peacefully: in over 200 years as a nation, we’ve never been friendly to militarism. That isn’t going to change.

Consider the years after the revolution. George Washington had a loyal army and could have subjugated the country if he wanted to. But he wasn’t that kind of man. America doesn’t produce that kind of leader. And after the Civil War, when the Union possessed an army of hundreds of thousands of men, the Republicans in office could have used it to seize control of the country, but they didn’t. The army quickly disbanded, and the nation went about healing itself. After World War one, when we had an army of over a million men, the soldiers went back to their civilian lives, and the government went about its business. And again, the same happened after World War two.

All of this precedent shows that America is not the place for militarism. The ground is bad for it. Americans are not a warlike people. We’re peaceful, but very dangerous if roused by a foe. But in over 200 years of existence as a nation, and after many opportunities for a military takeover of the government and nation, we’ve never succumbed. America has never fallen prey to a military government, because we aren’t that kind of people. There isn’t a whole lot else to say about it, than this: you who fear militarism: have more faith in your fellow citizen. He isn’t hankering to enslave you, or to be enslaved himself.

Your fellow citizens don’t want a military dictatorship, no matter how enthusiastic they are about the military. Their enthusiasm will never lead there, because these people aren’t built that way. They just want to live their lives, like you do, and they don’t want to live under military rule. So relax, trust your fellow citizens more than you do now, and stop worrying about the military. Neither it, nor anybody else in America, is hankering after a coup. Again, have a little more faith.