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More on Brexit

Here’s an interesting quote from the Financial Times:

…[T]he Brexit vote has shaken basic assumptions about ever-deepening globalisation and western democracies’ willingness to pursue market-friendly policies, which could sap broader corporate confidence. 

That’s exactly what Brexit was meant to do: stick a knife in the vampire’s heart of globalism.

I find it odd how open these people are about globalism. It seems to me even 20 years ago they’d use some other word. “Interconnectedness,” for instance. Or “cooperation.” But just to outright say globalism indicates that the elite is getting intellectually inbred. They’re spending so much time with each other that they don’t know what they sound like to everyday people anymore. This exposes them to greater electoral trouble, both here and in Europe.

It’s also important to note the link the Financial Times draws between Brexit and corporate confidence. It “could sap broader corporate confidence” for the reason I’ve been posting on for some time now: business wants one connected market. Every time they have to go through national borders, profits are impacted. This is because compliance with laws and tariffs cuts into the bottom line. They’d prefer just one market with one set of global rules.

Never mind that this will obliterate the existence of nations in time. These guys don’t care about that. Money is the numero uno to them.

And people can’t figure out why Trump is popular.

Globalists Panicking After Brexit

If you keep your eyes on the news like I do, you know that Brexit has the globalists panicking. Consider these headlines:

The financial industry fallout from Brexit is about to get a whole lot worse.” – Daily Telegraph

Brexit waves batter global markets” – Financial Times

Money, Hate, And Hard Feelings: Brexit Fallout Continues In UK, Europe” – NPR

Listening to these people, you’d think the world was about to end.

In fact, that’s what they’re worried about. Oh not the world’s end, but their dominance of it. For decades they’ve run the economy and politics of the world, and they’re afraid of losing their power. That’s the big reason that there’s so much hatred among the globalists for the workers of America and Europe: the workers don’t see any reason that they need these globalists running their lives. As such, they are always living on a teetering branch, way up in the social tree. All it takes is a good stern wind to blown them down. Like Humpty Dumpty, their positions can’t be put together again.

This is one reason they hate Donald Trump so much. Having spent so many years among them, he knows exactly how to take the fight to them. This he’s been doing for about a year now, and the workers and red-blooded citizens of America are loving him for it. This terrifies the globalists, because it shows they are irrelevant.

You see, the globalists are living on borrowed time. They are just power seekers who can’t provide anything useful to society. As such, they have to maintain the lie that they are actually useful to the country. When problems add up, and they can’t solve them, they just propagandize how difficult it is to solve such tough challenges.

But the truth of it is that they can’t do anything about it. They are incompetent people. So when problems start to add up, and the people start looking for a man that can solve their problems, the globalists get worried. They try to use the carrot and the stick to get him to back off. If he doesn’t then they go full-bore attack mode, and try to destroy him. That’s what they’re doing with Trump. They tried the same thing with Reagan.

Their biggest fear is that it will become clear that they serve no useful purpose. To avoid this exposure is why they’re fighting so hard, both here and in Europe.

And that’s why they go loco every time a populist movement gets going. When that happens, the people begin to see that they don’t actually need the elites. There is no more desperate person than one who fears irrelevancy. And that is what the globalists are: irrelevant to the lives of the average person.

Have you ever wondered why there’s so much gobbledygook in politics? That’s why. They keep manufacturing falsities and nonsense because they’ve got to look useful. They are like the mechanic that makes up problems with your car to wring more money out of you.

And that’s why they’re panicking after Brexit: they’re afraid that the people see that they don’t need them.

Scotland Voted to Stay in the EU

By a fascinatingly large majority, Scotland voted to remain in the EU. So did Northern Ireland.

The U.K. is of course made up of more than one country: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Here’s how they voted, according to the BBC:

England: 53.4% Leave | 46.6% Remain

Wales: 52.5% Leave | 47.%% Remain

Scotland: 38% Leave | 62% Remain

North Ireland: 44.2% Leave | 55.8% Remain

I was surprised to find that the Scottish, with their reputation for hardy independence, would vote so hugely to stay. Looks like they aren’t so independence minded after all.

It’s a good thing for England that it has the biggest population. That’s the only way that Leave was able to win.

Britain has Brexited

Britain has voted to leave the EU, by a margin of 52% leave, 48% stay.

This is great for Britain, and for the west generally. They’ve taken a bite out of the globalist agenda. The EU is just a vehicle for the globalists to try to exploit and destroy the people of Europe. Hopefully Britain won’t be the only nation to leave. Countries need to keep leaving until the EU is dissolved. The globalists must be stopped.

Hopefully this is the first step towards a nationalistic Britain. Hopefully they’ll fight for themselves now, and not act as willing servants of liberalism.


Tomorrow, Britain will decide if it will stay in the EU.

I hope Britain will leave. The EU is a disaster for Britain. The flood of immigrants from third world countries is terrible for them. Besides, the regulations coming from the EU are bad as well.

The EU was a terrible idea from the start. A multi-national union was destined to collapse at some point. There are just too many different people pulling the levers for it to work. Besides, it makes it easier for globalists to control Europe, and twist it for their own economic ends.

Consult your interests, Britain. Leave the EU!