Donald Trump has won the Nomination

Welp, the impossible day has arrived: Donald Trump is officially the nominee of the Republican party.

He’s won the nomination by over 1700 delegates. He needed 1,237 to win. Hardly a fringe victory. It’s almost as if the Republican base actually wants Trump to be the nominee.

So I wonder if Bill Kristol will resign from punditry? He was one of the loudest anti-Trump guys out there. Long ago he was predicting Trump would never win. Honestly, I wonder why anyone listens to Kristol. He’s always wrong.

I guess it’s because he says the right things, not true things.

I wonder if all those honorable men who pledged to support the nominee, whoever he was, are going to follow their word.


In other worlds, I just caught a headline from

“R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party”

Good thing we have conscientious people like the folks at Rolling Stone to watch out for us.