Secretary of Defense Carter Hopes for “Cooperation with China.”

From the AP:

SINGAPORE (AP) — Striking a notably positive tone, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Saturday offered closer U.S. cooperation with China in pursuit of a deeper and broader Asian security network. He said he intends to visit Beijing this year.


He [Carter] emphasized possibilities for cooperating with China while stating that the U.S. will remain the pre-eminent power.

“America wants to expand military-to-military agreements with China to focus not only on risk reduction, but also on practical cooperation. Our two militaries can also work together,” he said, bilaterally or as part of a broader security network.


Carter called for establishing a “principled security network” across Asia, which he defined as “nations building connections for a common cause, planning and training together, and eventually operating in a coordinated way.”

Cooperation with the Chinese means they get 70% of what they want, while we get 30% of what we want – unless our government is going to play hardball. Under Obama, it certainly wont do that.

Carter has his head in the clouds when he says that he wants a “principled security network” working “for a common cause.” There are no common causes in south-east Asia. China wants power, and more of it. The Indians, South Koreans, and the Japanese are all worried about China because they recognize this fact. If Carter thinks he can drop in and produce peace and unity, he’s wrong.

China is a power hungry but cautious country. It is actually quite a contrast to the Soviet Union. The Russians were power hungry and boisterous and boastful. But the Chinese are cold and quiet in their dealings. They don’t like the limelight, which is why they’ve been fighting us and their neighbors economically instead of with ICBMs like the Russians. They want to win through account books – not bullets.

But the fact remains, they want to win. Our government doesn’t want to win at all. In fact, sometimes I wonder if our government has a policy at all regarding China. They seem to regard it more as a curiosity shop than as a powerful economic foe.

Trump clearly knows the Chinese are a problem for the United States. Hopefully he’ll be elected president and will turn around our relations with them by playing tough.