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Cruz at Convetion: “Vote Your Conscience,” Doesn’t Endorse Trump

Well, this is interesting.

Ted Cruz, during his speech, didn’t endorse Trump and actually told viewers to “vote their conscience” in November.

During the primary, vote your conscience was his signal for “Don’t vote for that immoral New Yorker. Vote for me, the man that shares your values.”

He used the line over and over during the primary, and that was its meaning.

For him to say that at the convention that has nominated Trump by a 500 delegate margin is…strange? I can’t think of anyone with as much unbounded ambition as to not endorse the candidate. Even Reagan endorsed Gerald Ford, when Ford beat him by less than a hundred delegates for the nomination.

The crowd hated Cruz’s statement. They started booing him and chanting “endorse Trump.” They were right.

Cruz has fed a nice little item to the media to attack Trump with. They can take the “evangelical” Cruz’s non-endorsement and wave it around to “show” that Trump hasn’t united the party. Will it make much difference? I don’t know. But handing the opposition such a nice little soundbite is a lousy thing to do. It reflects on Cruz very badly.

For a long time I’ve considered Cruz to be abnormally ambitious. Now I think he may be ambitious to the point of political self-destruction. He can never seem to take a bow and let another run the show. Even during his speech, it had the bizarre feeling of being a campaign rally for him. He acted like everyone at the convention was there to hear him speak.

Strange man.

Donald Trump has won the Nomination

Welp, the impossible day has arrived: Donald Trump is officially the nominee of the Republican party.

He’s won the nomination by over 1700 delegates. He needed 1,237 to win. Hardly a fringe victory. It’s almost as if the Republican base actually wants Trump to be the nominee.

So I wonder if Bill Kristol will resign from punditry? He was one of the loudest anti-Trump guys out there. Long ago he was predicting Trump would never win. Honestly, I wonder why anyone listens to Kristol. He’s always wrong.

I guess it’s because he says the right things, not true things.

I wonder if all those honorable men who pledged to support the nominee, whoever he was, are going to follow their word.


In other worlds, I just caught a headline from rollingstone.com:

“R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party”

Good thing we have conscientious people like the folks at Rolling Stone to watch out for us.

Anti-Trump Effort at Convention Fails

From the AP(scroll down to 8:10 PM):

A leader of conservatives making a last-ditch attempt to block Donald Trump’s nomination says she’s dropping her effort to force the Republican National Convention to vote on her plan to let delegates back any presidential candidate they want.

The convention rules committee has already rejected Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh’s proposal to “unbind” delegates from the candidates they were committed to by state primaries and caucuses.

Unruh had been saying that despite that defeat, she’d get enough support to force a full convention vote next week on her plan to let delegates vote their conscience.

So she wants them free to vote their conscience, eh?

What about the “consciences” that voted for Trump overwhelmingly in the primaries?

It aggravates me whenever I see these hollow nincompoops start preaching about “conscience” whenever they want to abuse the convention rules to get what they want. They could at least be honest about their cynical ploys. To hide them behind morality is disgusting.

It’s amazing the hollow, substanceless people politics attracts. It’s even more surprising, in a way, that we keep sending them back into power, as delegates and candidates. I imagine it’s more a matter of honest ignorance on the voter’s part than anything else.