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Not a few people in America are afraid of militarism. That is, they’re afraid that America will become a military state, or at least a nation whose thinking is dominated by wars and conquest. This is nonsense. Even a basic handle of American history will show that America has never been a breeding ground of militarism. We’re not the kind of people that thrills to conquest.

There are academics, typically liberals, that imagine imperialism behind every door, but they’re actually just anti-west. They want to attack the west, and so they attack western colonialism. Of course, many other non-western countries have had colonies, Japan for instance. The fact that they don’t criticize countries like Japan is telling: it shows that these academics don’t actually care about imperialism. All they want is a stick to hit the west with. But all the same, with their lies they carry away some well-meaning people who are afraid of militarism. These people can rest peacefully: in over 200 years as a nation, we’ve never been friendly to militarism. That isn’t going to change.

Consider the years after the revolution. George Washington had a loyal army and could have subjugated the country if he wanted to. But he wasn’t that kind of man. America doesn’t produce that kind of leader. And after the Civil War, when the Union possessed an army of hundreds of thousands of men, the Republicans in office could have used it to seize control of the country, but they didn’t. The army quickly disbanded, and the nation went about healing itself. After World War one, when we had an army of over a million men, the soldiers went back to their civilian lives, and the government went about its business. And again, the same happened after World War two.

All of this precedent shows that America is not the place for militarism. The ground is bad for it. Americans are not a warlike people. We’re peaceful, but very dangerous if roused by a foe. But in over 200 years of existence as a nation, and after many opportunities for a military takeover of the government and nation, we’ve never succumbed. America has never fallen prey to a military government, because we aren’t that kind of people. There isn’t a whole lot else to say about it, than this: you who fear militarism: have more faith in your fellow citizen. He isn’t hankering to enslave you, or to be enslaved himself.

Your fellow citizens don’t want a military dictatorship, no matter how enthusiastic they are about the military. Their enthusiasm will never lead there, because these people aren’t built that way. They just want to live their lives, like you do, and they don’t want to live under military rule. So relax, trust your fellow citizens more than you do now, and stop worrying about the military. Neither it, nor anybody else in America, is hankering after a coup. Again, have a little more faith.

Why Donald Trump is Surging

Donald Trump is successful today because he is filling a need Americans have. For decades, normal, everyday Americans have been attacked and smeared by the left in this country. The media, Hollywood, and not a few major companies have been involved in the left’s strange, unpatriotic attack on normalcy and Americanism. Modern conservatism has completely failed to push back against the left, and this failure has led to more fatigue than the mod-cons know.

Consider first the anti-Americanism of Hollywood. For years they’ve been putting out movies that have depicted Americans as weak, bigoted, or just plain stupid. They’ve also made movies designed to attack our military, economy, and religion. It’s common for movies to paint Christianity in a bad light. This is so commonplace that we assume it’s just a normal part of life. But it’s nothing short of a revolutionary attack. When in times past have the mainstream sources of entertainment actively attacked their own country’s religion? Did the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome attack their gods? Did the festivities of ancient Japan attack their religion at every turn? Clearly this is something new under the sun.

And what about the mainstream media’s attacks on the military? Every prisoner mistreated by a US solider is trumpeted day and night by the “news” media. They dedicate special programs, documentaries, and endless interviews to dealing with “the problem of prisoner abuses by the US military.” The way they talk, you’d think that prisoner abuse is commonplace. Of course it’s not. The US military has probably the best record for prisoner treatment of any military in history. But they parade any abuses they find to drive a wedge between the military and the people. Their strategy is endless divide and conquer, and so they look for any opportunity, any opening that they can drive a wedge into.

And what about just plain old patriotism? Now we have schools that have banned American flags on Cinco De Mayo because it might offend Mexican immigrants. Who cares if it offends them! This is the United States, not Mexico. If they want their cultural icons, traditions, and holidays to be revered, they should have stayed in Mexico. It’s rank arrogance to move to another country, and then expect them to adopt your culture. It would be like Ohioans moving to Japan, and then demanding that the Japanese start observing the Fourth of July. It’s a whole new level of arrogance to demand that a country that you’ve moved to change to suit your tastes.

And not only has our culture been attacked, but even our livelihoods have been threatened. In many cases they’ve been destroyed altogether. Detroit? A pale, battered shadow of its former self. It used to be a bustling, wealthy city full of good paying manufacturing jobs. Now it’s just a hollow shell. Globalism has wreaked terrible havoc on our economy. All across the Midwest and much of the Northeast, formerly healthy, happy towns have been ruined by free trade. Unrestricted commerce has hollowed out our country and transformed many places into service and transportation only job markets. There are not a few truck driving jobs, but they’re for transporting foreign-made goods.

Donald Trump is a complete course reversal. When the left attacks America he reflexively defends it. He doesn’t even think about it. He doesn’t have to. Unlike the phony intellectuals of the right, who have to conjure reasons to defend America, Trump just states that America is good and leaves it at that. He doesn’t think he needs to justify patriotism like the useless right has done. He skips all the gobbledygook about “American Free Enterprise,” “Limited Government,” and so forth, and simply defends his country like a man defends his mother: because it’s self-evidently the right thing to do. He is a normal, red-blooded American, and other red-blooded Americans love him for it.

In addition to this, he also clearly knows more about the economy and foreign policy than the wonks do. Their thinking is dominated by abstract philosophies they picked up in college, not by real world experience or even common sense. Obviously Iraq was a failure. To step into a middle eastern country and try to turn it into Kansas was complete madness. The people, religion, and terrain are so different that you can’t possibly make it into Little America. He saw this because his thinking is dominated by commonsense. The wonks who have been ruining our foreign policy for seventy years still think Iraq was a good idea. They don’t live in the real world.

And the economy? What victories have we had economically in the past 50 years? Trump sees that our course is suicidal. He sees that we can’t possibly be rich, powerful, and free if we’re dependent on other countries for even our most basic goods. He proposes to change the course of the economy by bringing back the economic policies that built the country in the first place. He wants tariffs on companies that outsource jobs. He wants a protective tariff against foreign goods to protect American industries. He also wants to push back against countries, like China, that are actively working against our economy by manipulating their currency.

And finally, he wants to free the military from its social-engineering lab rat status and turn it back into an offensive weapon. He wants to modernize it, streamline it, and employ it intelligently, instead of scattering it all over the globe protecting other countries for free. The military belongs to us. It is not a global police force. Trump recognizes this, and the people recognize it too. It’s another feather in his cap as far as the average American is concerned.

Trump, in a word, is probably the most purely American potential president we’ve had since Theodore Roosevelt. After decades of policy wonks, crony capitalists, and old guys looking for something to put their names in the history books, Americans are glad to finally have a potential president that puts America first.

Air Force Secretary Supports Female Draft

From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Air Force’s top civilian official said Friday she supports requiring young women to register for a potential military draft as Congress heads toward a divisive debate over whether to erase gender restrictions from Selective Service.

Air Force Secretary Deborah James said there’s no reason women shouldn’t have to sign up just as men between the ages of 18 and 25 do. Women have never before been required to register in the United States and including them in a draft pool has outraged social conservatives.

“My opinion as an American is that we should have a Selective Service,” James said during the taping of an interview for C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” program. “It’s an insurance policy for the United States and I think women should register just as I think young men should register.”

I can think of several reasons women shouldn’t be in the draft:

1: Women aren’t as strong as men, both physically and mentally. The intense G-forces of flying a jet plane will be too much for many females and they will flunk out of the Air Force, wasting time and money. Additionally, they’ll be a hazard during war because of their inability to function as well under stress, lack of sleep, and again G-forces.

2: It will increase the division of the military. It is basic human nature for men and women to fight over each other. In an all-male military, such mating-combat is non-existent since there are no women to fight over. But mixing the two sexes will cause fights and will divide men from each other. It is human nature.

3: Women must stop being encouraged to be men. That is the whole goal of these programs: to destroy sex distinctions and treat everyone “equally.” You can’t treat everyone equally, because people aren’t equal.

The response of several “social conservatives” is pathetic:

Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Mike Lee, R-Utah, said they will fight to have the provision removed from the bill. They said far more research is required before such a significant change is made.

“Research?” What research is needed to know that women make bad soldiers? It is simple common sense. The real matter here with Cruz and Lee is they want a piece of research to hide behind.

So much for ‘fightin’ Ted!

The Military’s Purpose

Briefly stated, the military’s purpose is to kill enemy soldiers. It isn’t a pretty or nice job, but that is it’s purpose.

Both Republican and Democratic presidents have used it for social engineering projects and for nation building in the middle east. For example, Obama has used it to try to legitimize homosexuals by letting them serve publicly in the military. The point of this is to wrap a certain honor around homosexuals. Additionally, it is supposed to make it mainstream.

George W. Bush used the military as a nation building force when he used it to hold up Iraqi “Democracy” after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Again, that was contrary to the military’s purpose. The military got ground down, both physically and psychologically in Iraq holding up a government that was going to collapse within a few years of our departure. It was a stupid waste of military men and material.

Any government or nation that needs our military to hold it up wont last long. We’d be better off not getting involved if we can avoid it, and leaving in place whatever governments exist. If we have to get involved, we should stay in for as long as we have to for our interests, and then pull out. We shouldn’t risk any more of our soldiers in nations that refuse to fight for themselves.