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The Good of American Workers

The good of American workers needs to be the central theme in politics.

The left’s love of perverse individualism must be stopped. The right’s love of business must be stopped too. There needs to be a worker’s party in American politics.

Because, firstly, the workers are America. Second, without their livelihoods being safe, their whole position in the country isn’t stable. At the present rate of outsourcing, immigration, and bad trade deals, American workers will be driven to poverty within the next half century. This will destroy him in American society. It will reduce him to the level of a medieval peasant. He will end up a dependent of the government.

This must not happen. The left’s anti-society individualism must be stopped. And the right’s addiction to business must be stopped too. We need a worker’s party in America.

Where the workers go, the nation goes.

The Money Seekers

There’s a certain class of people that think in terms of money. They don’t simply want money: they actually measure the world in money terms.

This is why there are people that:

  • Measure military power by military spending;
  • Measure people by how much they make.

This is one reason why there’s a class of people in America that want to continue free trade policies as a matter of basic philosophy: they measure America’s stature by how much money it has.

Never mind that money without production power can make a nation both rich and weak at the same time. Money, in essence, is the power to get others to do things. If you go to war with those others, for instance, then you have no power at all. You’ll be conquered because your money was worthless.

This is something Trump understands but many in politics don’t: a nation that can’t produce can’t remain independent. This is because money, though it gets people to do things, can’t force them to do things. You can buy them off if they want to be bought off. But you can’t make anyone do anything: you have no real power. It depends on the willingness of others.

In most cases in private life this works. We rarely have to force people to do things. But in the life of nations it’s different. China’s trade war with us, for instance, couldn’t be bought off even if we did have money to give them. They would choose the long game: destroy our manufacturing now, to make us utterly dependent later.

This is one reason why they’re continuing their race to the bottom. China is not in good economic condition. Much of their economy is based on government infrastructure projects. They are doing what the Amazon company is doing: running at a loss now, to hurt the competition. Once the competition is crippled, they can raise prices. China’s goal is to destroy the manufacturing competition on a national scale. Once they’ve done so, they can raise prices at will.

If this sounds strange, it has happened in the past. In the 1970s the oil-producing Arab nations raised oil prices enormously in order to dictate our foreign policy. To an extent they succeeded. That’s partly why they’re trying to ruin our domestic oil production now: if we are independent energy-wise, they lose an enormous amount of power in the world.

Let me come back to the money-thinekrs: their thinking isn’t acquired but natural. It’s an extension of who they are. This is one reason that there is such a financial aspect to American politics: there is a class of people that only measure the world in terms of money. As such, they measure national achievement by how much money the country has.

I have little doubt that protectionist policies would make America less wealthy overall. But that doesn’t concern me. Protectionism would mean we’re producing again. As such, we’d have more real power than we’ve had in decades. What’s the point of money, nationally speaking, other than to give us the power to live our lives and be safe and healthy? If it fails to do so, it has no purpose.

People or the Economy?

Was the economy made for man? Or was man made for the economy?

That’s basically the question of this election. Immigration and globalism are both tied to the economy. Big business wants less regulations and more workers so it can make more money.

The workers of America, on the other hand, view the economy as being subservient to the people. As such, they aren’t willing to throw away themselves – or the nation – for the sake of higher profits.

That’s why companies tend to be globalistic: they want one connected globe in order to have one connected market.

The workers, on the other hand, tend to value people first. As such, profits come second. This is the correct order of importance.

Labor v Capital

In politics, it’s basically a conflict between globalist businesses and nationalist workers.

The old struggle of Labor v. Capital will have ramifications for the next century. Perhaps longer.

The reason for this is that globalist businesses are importing millions of cheap workers in order to make more money. This importation is changing the nature of western nations. If it isn’t halted relatively soon, it will be permanent.

Workers are instinctively nationalistic. It’s now necessary for the right to embrace labor unions and workers organizations. Not the leftist ones of course: they are merely part of the problem and don’t actually represent their workers. But the right must actively embrace workers and their problems. The right must become the faction of the worker in American politics.


The US Energy Sector Must be Protected

The mistreatment of the US energy industry might be the scandal of the century. For years we’ve bought oil from the middle east. They in turn have used that money to fund Islamic Jihad, both here and around the world. Iran, the number one state sponsor of Islamic Jihad, gets its money almost exclusively from oil. We could pull the rug right out from under Jihad if we used our oil and natural gas, instead of buying oil from countries that hate us.

It’s perhaps the scandal of the century because we could cut the guts out of Jihad, create millions of jobs, and strengthen our position in the world, all at the same time. It’s a scandal, because this has been deliberately covered up. Arab oil interests are well known donors to foundations in the United States, and they do this to manipulate our politics. These companies also have lobbyists in D.C. that work to keep us from using our own energy by shutting it down with “environmental” regulations and red tape. Whenever some Hollywood nitwit wants to make a film attacking “fracking,” they always have plenty of money to get it produced.

The middle east has been nothing but a bleeding sore in the world for the past sixty years. Despite the misinformation in the media, “terrorism” is a product that is manufactured exclusively in the middle east. Islam is the motive, and the curious Arab temperament serves as the vehicle. At bottom, Jihad is paid for with oil – oil that we are buying, because our government is standing in the way of developing our energy sector. Another problem is that the government isn’t helping it to get going. The Saudis have, for months now, been selling oil on the cheap to try to starve out our nascent hydraulic fracturing industry. That’s why gas prices have been so low for months now. The government should place a protective tariff on oil so that our industries can get up and running.

The millions of jobs that would be created are almost staggering to consider. Great paying jobs that can end this quasi-depression and set off an economic boom? Why aren’t we doing that now? Why hasn’t this been going on for years now? It’s a very poor American that doesn’t want to see the energy sector developed. Of course, government and the media is loaded with poor Americans that wouldn’t know patriotism if they saw it.

To end this quasi-depression; to suck the life out of Islamic Jihad; to revive the economy and create millions of great paying jobs, the energy sector needs to be both supported and protected. A tariff is a good place to start, as is cutting regulations down to just what is needed to protect people and the immediate environment from damage. It’s essential to our future as a country that we do this and do it quickly. The world is changing, economically and politically. It’s important that we have a strong rock to stand upon to tackle the future. Developing our energy sector is one of the most important things to do in order to accomplish this.

Why Donald Trump is Surging

Donald Trump is successful today because he is filling a need Americans have. For decades, normal, everyday Americans have been attacked and smeared by the left in this country. The media, Hollywood, and not a few major companies have been involved in the left’s strange, unpatriotic attack on normalcy and Americanism. Modern conservatism has completely failed to push back against the left, and this failure has led to more fatigue than the mod-cons know.

Consider first the anti-Americanism of Hollywood. For years they’ve been putting out movies that have depicted Americans as weak, bigoted, or just plain stupid. They’ve also made movies designed to attack our military, economy, and religion. It’s common for movies to paint Christianity in a bad light. This is so commonplace that we assume it’s just a normal part of life. But it’s nothing short of a revolutionary attack. When in times past have the mainstream sources of entertainment actively attacked their own country’s religion? Did the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome attack their gods? Did the festivities of ancient Japan attack their religion at every turn? Clearly this is something new under the sun.

And what about the mainstream media’s attacks on the military? Every prisoner mistreated by a US solider is trumpeted day and night by the “news” media. They dedicate special programs, documentaries, and endless interviews to dealing with “the problem of prisoner abuses by the US military.” The way they talk, you’d think that prisoner abuse is commonplace. Of course it’s not. The US military has probably the best record for prisoner treatment of any military in history. But they parade any abuses they find to drive a wedge between the military and the people. Their strategy is endless divide and conquer, and so they look for any opportunity, any opening that they can drive a wedge into.

And what about just plain old patriotism? Now we have schools that have banned American flags on Cinco De Mayo because it might offend Mexican immigrants. Who cares if it offends them! This is the United States, not Mexico. If they want their cultural icons, traditions, and holidays to be revered, they should have stayed in Mexico. It’s rank arrogance to move to another country, and then expect them to adopt your culture. It would be like Ohioans moving to Japan, and then demanding that the Japanese start observing the Fourth of July. It’s a whole new level of arrogance to demand that a country that you’ve moved to change to suit your tastes.

And not only has our culture been attacked, but even our livelihoods have been threatened. In many cases they’ve been destroyed altogether. Detroit? A pale, battered shadow of its former self. It used to be a bustling, wealthy city full of good paying manufacturing jobs. Now it’s just a hollow shell. Globalism has wreaked terrible havoc on our economy. All across the Midwest and much of the Northeast, formerly healthy, happy towns have been ruined by free trade. Unrestricted commerce has hollowed out our country and transformed many places into service and transportation only job markets. There are not a few truck driving jobs, but they’re for transporting foreign-made goods.

Donald Trump is a complete course reversal. When the left attacks America he reflexively defends it. He doesn’t even think about it. He doesn’t have to. Unlike the phony intellectuals of the right, who have to conjure reasons to defend America, Trump just states that America is good and leaves it at that. He doesn’t think he needs to justify patriotism like the useless right has done. He skips all the gobbledygook about “American Free Enterprise,” “Limited Government,” and so forth, and simply defends his country like a man defends his mother: because it’s self-evidently the right thing to do. He is a normal, red-blooded American, and other red-blooded Americans love him for it.

In addition to this, he also clearly knows more about the economy and foreign policy than the wonks do. Their thinking is dominated by abstract philosophies they picked up in college, not by real world experience or even common sense. Obviously Iraq was a failure. To step into a middle eastern country and try to turn it into Kansas was complete madness. The people, religion, and terrain are so different that you can’t possibly make it into Little America. He saw this because his thinking is dominated by commonsense. The wonks who have been ruining our foreign policy for seventy years still think Iraq was a good idea. They don’t live in the real world.

And the economy? What victories have we had economically in the past 50 years? Trump sees that our course is suicidal. He sees that we can’t possibly be rich, powerful, and free if we’re dependent on other countries for even our most basic goods. He proposes to change the course of the economy by bringing back the economic policies that built the country in the first place. He wants tariffs on companies that outsource jobs. He wants a protective tariff against foreign goods to protect American industries. He also wants to push back against countries, like China, that are actively working against our economy by manipulating their currency.

And finally, he wants to free the military from its social-engineering lab rat status and turn it back into an offensive weapon. He wants to modernize it, streamline it, and employ it intelligently, instead of scattering it all over the globe protecting other countries for free. The military belongs to us. It is not a global police force. Trump recognizes this, and the people recognize it too. It’s another feather in his cap as far as the average American is concerned.

Trump, in a word, is probably the most purely American potential president we’ve had since Theodore Roosevelt. After decades of policy wonks, crony capitalists, and old guys looking for something to put their names in the history books, Americans are glad to finally have a potential president that puts America first.

US Economy Added Only 38K Jobs Last Month

From the BBC:

The Labor Department said that employers added just 38,000 jobs last month, the fewest since September 2010.

The jobless rate fell to 4.7% from 5%, the lowest since November 2007.

But this was partly due to people dropping out of the labour force and no longer being counted as unemployed.

The “Obama Recovery” isn’t happening at all. Obama has been one of the worst economic presidents America has ever had. 38,000 jobs? Don’t believe what the media is propagandizing: there is no recovery at all.

It’s good to see the media admit that people are leaving the workforce. This was something you used to only hear on right wing news outlets. I guess the MSM can’t hide from it anymore, and so they have to mention it. After all, they do have to retain their relevancy if they are going to keep viewers.

What is the Future of Employment in America?

I’ve written a lot about the effects of outsourcing and immigration on American workers. But what effect will automation have on US workers? Additionally, what can be done about it?

To briefly state the problem: automation is when a machine is built that can do the job of a human worker. We’ve all seen the images on TV news reports about robots that are building cars and cutting the need for automotive workers. But what about the human impact of such technology? What happens to the workers that are fired because their jobs were taken by robots?

At first they’ll change jobs, maybe even switch industries altogether. Some auto workers will become mechanics, for instance, since the industries are at least similar in some ways: they both work on cars. But with the contraction of industries because of automation, what will happen to the ever increasing pool of workers that aren’t hired since there aren’t enough jobs?

These people still have to live. The married workers still have families to support. How will they continue to live, to eat, in an economy that is shrinking jobs? I can only see two courses, in the long run:

(A): A permanent welfare state that supports these people since there aren’t enough jobs. The infrastructure is already in place for this, so it’s easy to imagine this coming about.

(B): Laws against automation. This will cut efficiency, but it will also keep these people working.

I don’t see any other options. These people have to live, so either (A) they’ll live from welfare payments taxed from those who can work / companies that sell products here and around the world; or (B), their jobs are kept up by an act of the government.

It’s easy to imagine all the objections that will be raised to these options. But life in politics is rarely about getting the best option: usually it’s about getting the best possible option.

These are big issues, and they require mature thought.