International Women’s Day

by Right Wing Fighter

It’s international women’s day. A made up holiday with two purposes: to coddle the childish sentiments of many women, and to build a political block of support for liberal causes.

There are many women who overrate themselves. They imagine themselves at the center of all the world’s progress. They consider themselves the real drivers of life’s developments.

This is why there’s always a lot of jabbering about the ‘woman behind the man’ whenever a man does something famous. And whilst some women do support their husband’s achievements, it’s not the kind of support that allows them to take credit for what their husbands have done.

The kind of emotional, psychological, and physical support a woman can give to her husband is just that: support. Now, if she were in essence the field marshal of his life, then she could take credit for his achievements. The same way sports coaches get the credit for games won.

But good wives don’t provide leadership, they provide support.

But many women, with their childish ideas, think they’ve made the pie the world eats, and want credit for it. They haven’t, and they don’t deserve it.

As for the political angle: people with childish sentiments are easily manipulated. As such, whoever promises to give center stage to people who imagine they deserve it will get their support. That’s why Democrats, Republicans, businesses, even husbands, all try to outdo each other in wooing these women. In politics, it’s about getting what they want. In private life…well, isn’t private life political too?