AP cites confused people regarding immigration and refugee program

by Right Wing Fighter

From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Where immigrants are concerned, James Wright is OK with people who are here legally, as well as illegally – if they haven’t committed crimes. But turn the talk specifically to the risks and benefits of admitting refugees to the U.S., and the New Jersey resident gives a fraught sigh.

“It’s hard not to be conflicted,” said Wright, 26, an independent who supports President Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban on certain foreigners. “By no means do I want to be cruel and keep people out who need a safe place. But we have to have a better system of thoroughly finding out who they are.”

Wright is part of a group of Americans a new survey suggests are making distinctions between legal immigrants who choose to be here and refugees – who are legal immigrants, too – fleeing persecution in their home countries. A new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reflects that divide, with two-thirds of the respondents saying the benefits of legal immigration generally outweigh the risks. But just over half – 52 percent – say refugees pose a great enough risk to further limit their entry into the United States.

Interviews with some of the poll’s participants suggest the distinction may be one of perception in an age of religious and politically inspired violence and 4.8 million refugees fleeing war-scarred Syria.

“Sometimes the vetting might not be quality,” said Randall Bagwell, 33, a Republican from of San Antonio, Texas, the state second to California in settling refugees between Oct. 1 and Jan. 31, according to the State Department. “Nobody can do quality control when they’re just reacting immediately.”

It’s easy to not be conflicted if you have your facts straight.

The fact is, the United States is not a charity. It is not our responsibility to invite people here, even if they are from dangerous places.

The fact is, a nation is the product of the people in it. If these people are coming from bad countries, it’s because they, as a people, lack the capacity to kick out the bad guys and rule themselves decently and peacefully.

For instance, South America is a conglomeration of banana republics. Why? Because the people are both corrupt and indifferent, and allow it to be so. If you transplanted, say, the population of America, Australia, or Germany to Venezuela, and removed its current population, the corrupt regime would fall overnight. Why? Because the people would not tolerate such a regime.

The people who are coming here in droves from the third world, the people who are “just seeking a better life” are doing so because they lack the courage, intelligence, and decency to change the way things are in their own countries. They lack what I call the civilizational virtue to establish a better society and government. Why? Because that’s the kind of people they are.

That’s why California is turning into a banana republic right now. That’s why parts of Florida are little Cuba. Because people do not change simply because they’ve moved from one country to another.

As such, when you invite Syrians, you get little Syria in the US. When you invite millions of Mexicans, you get little Mexico in the US. It’s that simple.

The Enlightenment era philosophy that man is a blank slate is false. Man comes with most of his views on life, and his methods of effecting his views, from his blood. As such, people of a certain race or ethnicity will always act the same way.

This is broadly known. But it’s hushed up for three large reasons:

1: Politicians, chiefly Democrats, want to elect a new people who can be easily duped and who also generally support their policies.

2: There are businesses that want cheap labor wherever they can get it. Admitting racial and ethnic differences would be powerful evidence against such immigration and visa policies. As such, they financially back groups who push against the truth.

3: There are people who want to believe we’re all the same, and we can all do the same things.

For these reasons it’s hushed up. But the strains put upon America by this lie are mounting. That’s why we’re seeing an emergence of racially conscious groups on the right.

To come back to the original point: it’s the duty of American citizens to support policies that support our citizens. A mushy, sentimental sense of ‘compassion’ that prefers other people to our own is wrong.