There is no Liberal ‘Tea Party’

by Right Wing Fighter

There’s a claim doing the rounds in the media that a new liberal tea party has risen up in order to oppose Trump and the Republicans that support his agenda.

This is nothing new. When the Occupy Wall Street bunch got going, the media also hailed it as a liberal tea party movement.

And when Occupy died, the media said nothing.

The fact is, liberals don’t do grassroots activism. Most of their political advances start from the top down. This is something that’s bothered some liberals in the past. It’s not that they mind top down leadership. But they would like to have a tea party of their own.

And so they parade every ‘spontaneous’ movement on the left as a liberal tea party. But it’s nonsense.

As a side note: it’s interesting how the media has always attacked the tea party as an ineffective minority within a minority. But yet they are so eager to have a tea party of their own. Obviously they were lying, or they wouldn’t be jealous to have one of their own.