Liberals and the Russian Hysteria

by Right Wing Fighter

The left is going bananas about the so-called “Russian Conspiracy.” For those out of the know, it’s a lie the Democrats started circling before the election. The idea is that Trump won the election because of Russian meddling.

It has two purposes:

First, to delegitimize Trump’s victory. The idea is to make him seem like a fraud who stole the election.

Second, to make him seem like a tool of Vladimir Putin. This is why they endlessly harp on his, and his cabinet members’, supposed financial ties to Russia.

Third, it serves as a salve for the liberals. They really can’t accept that they lost.

It’s kicking into high gear now. Every day, all hours of the day, the news is blaring about how this or that Trump advisor met with the Russian ambassador. This even though the Russian ambassador sat with the Democrats during Trump’s speech to congress a few days ago. But the Washington Post wont be investigating that !

The media is attempting to slander the Trump administration.

The best course for the Trump administration is to state calmly and endlessly that the media are losing their minds chasing a chimera for the purpose of delegitimizing the president. It’s important for high level administration officials to go out for interviews constantly in order to combat this lie.

So far the Trump administration has been sending out representatives regularly, which is good. They need to keep it up.

This is a battle that the administration can win easily as long as it keeps pushing back daily. Before long, the American people will see that the media are just engaged in partisan hysterics. Hysterics that, in fact, are hurting our diplomatic relations with others countries.