A Border Wall, not a Fence

by Right Wing Fighter

Trump has said many times that the southern border wall will be a big solid wall. I hope that’s the case, and that it wont be a mere chain link fence. I’ll explain why:

For one, a real, solid wall is much more intimidating to potential illegal aliens. They’ll get a very distinct sense that they are not wanted.

Second, it’s much harder to get past a real wall. You can cut through a chain link fence with a pair of wire cutters. But a wall? There’s no way an illegal alien can cut his way through it or scramble his way over it. About all they could do is tunnel beneath it. And with the increased security Trump will be sending down to the border, I don’t think that will be possible. Tunneling leaves telltale traces that can be spotted.

Third, it will send a stronger signal to the world that the US is serious about illegal immigration. A fence feels very transient.This would be useful in negotiations relating to immigrant-sending countries taking back their criminals. It would send a stronger signal that the US is serious about keeping unwanted people out.

Fourth, any unpatriotic future administrations would have a much harder time removing a real wall as opposed to a chain link fence. And it’s certainly possible that such an administration could come into power some time after Trump. It would be much harder for them to swing removing a concrete wall, because it would be harder to justify the work and expense involved.