CNN: Trump pulled a bait-and-switch on poor poor Illegal Aliens (and the Media, too!)

by Right Wing Fighter

From an opinion piece by a Raul A. Reyes via CNN:

(CNN) Call it the great immigration fake-out. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that he was interested in helping pass an immigration reform bill, provided there was “compromise on both sides.” CNN reported that Trump was interested in a bill that could grant legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants.

While Trump stopped short of endorsing a path to citizenship for the undocumented, this was nonetheless a startling break with his past hard-line stance on immigration. A senior administration official also told journalists that Trump would be open to legalization for undocumented immigrants who have not committed serious or violent crimes.
Then came Trump’s address before Congress, and his true intentions were revealed. His talk of immigration reform, we now know, was just that: Talk. At best, his earlier statements about immigration reform were a publicity stunt designed to gin up interest (and ratings, which Trump is obsessed with) in his speech. At worst, this bait-and-switch was a cruel hoax perpetrated on millions of undocumented people who might have briefly hoped for a reprieve from possible deportation.
In fact, Trump’s speech offered little meaningful policy on immigration, beyond conflating immigrants with crime and misrepresenting key facts underlying illegal immigration. Tellingly, there was no mention of offering legalization to anyone.
Seeing as the illegals are here illegally, they don’t deserve any hope that they wont be deported. And why should they? They’ve broken our laws to come here, which we’ve specifically written to keep unwanted people out.
This constant Democratic harping on the “hopes and fears” of illegal aliens is a bait-and-switch of its own: treating these people as if they have any right to be here at all is pulling a switch on the American people. The purpose of their deceptive commentary is to give a sense that these criminals have a right to be here after all. That’s why they go all out for sob story news articles and ‘special reports’ about how this or that illegal alien is afraid of deportation. It’s a mushy sob story to prey on people’s soppy emotions.
And notice how “immigration reform” is a synonym for amnesty. It’s essential for the right, every day and hour, to use the terms amnesty and illegal alien to help hammer against this attempt by the left to redefine illegal immigration into something almost wholesome.
As for Trump’s bait-and-switch: good for him! The media are a gaggle of scum trying to destroy his administration anyway, so why not play them like fiddles? Why not get them to inadvertently crank up attention for his speech by releasing rumors that he’s going to change course just so he can double down?
Incidentally, a similar thing happened during the primary when Trump made a speech in Arizona about illegal immigration. The media reported for days that Trump would be ‘softening his tone’ only to find him double down. That was a beautiful piece of work by Trump, and I’m glad he did it.
And finally, why not link illegal aliens and crime? Seeing as they are criminals simply for being here. And also seeing as these people have so little decency that they’ll break our laws to come here, it’s more likely they’ll commit crimes once they are here. Thus there is no ‘conflation’ at all.