Why so much advocacy for ‘following your passion?’

by Right Wing Fighter

In advertising all across the United States, ‘following your passion’ is touted as a reason to do anything. In fact, I just saw an ad for a college that said you could ‘follow your passion’ by going to the school and learning the trade you want to work.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with people doing the kind of work they want to. If they can, they certainly should. But with so much emphasis on ‘following your passion’, obviously more is at work.

At back of these ads is a philosophy. Put simply, it’s to ‘make yourself happy.’ There’s never any question of using your education to serve the nation. There’s never any question of using it in conjunction with others to make your government, profession, or society generally better. Instead, it’s totally about you.

Why? Because anything else is considered a surrender to responsibility. You’re not supposed to feel responsibility. You’re not supposed to work for other people. Doing that is written off as naive, or ‘morally’ wrong. ‘Ya only get ahead by takin’ for yourself’ goes the mantra. ‘An’ anyone who looks out for others is a weakling.’

There are millions of people who natively think it’s wrong to look out for someone else. Why? Because they are so wired to think that the only ‘moral’ thing to do is take care of themselves. I kid you not.

And that’s where all this thinking comes from: a certain kind of people who think the only ‘right’ thing to do is to serve yourself.