AP “Fact Checks” Trump

by Right Wing Fighter

From the AP:

In President Donald Trump’s estimation, the U.S. border isn’t merely porous, it’s “wide open.” Darkness and danger are everywhere, even Sweden. American infrastructure isn’t just in need of improvement but it’s in “total disrepair and decay.” The health law is not only flawed, but it’s an “absolute and total catastrophe.”

His apocalyptic view of everything he intends to fix leaves no nuance, but that’s where reality often resides. For example, Trump himself actually likes parts of former President Barack Obama’s health overhaul, such as the extended coverage for older children. And the U.S. remains an economic powerhouse able to transport goods in a stressed system of roads, bridges and ports that are not in total decay.

‘Merely porous’? Do they have any conception of what a border is? The whole point of a border is to not let anyone through. It’s not meant to only let some people through.

Besides, our border is wide open. When somewhere between 10 to 30 million illegal aliens are in this country, there is no other definition for the border than that it’s wide open.

Of course, the AP prefers it that way, since that helps Democrats.

Additionally, darkness and danger are everywhere. Did they see the Ferguson riots? Stores smashed. People attacked.

What about the gang violence everywhere? Even neighborhoods that were perfectly safe ten years ago are getting gangs that never used to leave the big cities. Some of the gangs weren’t even in the country in the first place before Obama took office.

That’s not to say these problems can’t be solved. They can. But the problems must be clearly recognized.

And of course this is happening in Sweden too. They idiotically opened their borders wide open and have let in scum and thugs. Only now are they starting to regret it. It will be a long road before Sweden sends back the immigrant criminals they’ve invited in.

As for Obamacare, it is a catastrophe. People that were paying $60 dollars a month for health insurance are paying $600. Isn’t that a catastrophe? How much money does the AP think the average Joe has on hand to pay for health coverage? Obamacare is a disaster and must be repealed.

As for roads and bridges: I’ve seen roads that are so pock-marked they look more like a part of the moon. I’ve seen bridges that looked iffy to cross. The infrastructure in this country is bad, because of decades of Democrat and Republican neglect.

On all these points Trump is absolutely correct. The AP’s “fact check” is just a bundle of lies put forth to try to keep people from seeing what is all around them. It’s meant to obscure the reality of life in America today.