Outrageous: DHS Chief Kelly says no to ‘Mass Deportations’

by Right Wing Fighter

From NBC:

“Let me be clear, there will be no mass deportations, everything we do in DHS will be done legally,” DHS Chief John Kelly said during a press conference following meetings with Mexican officials. “The focus of deportation will be on the criminal element, all of this will be done in close coordination with Mexico.”

Well obviously everything done at DHS will be done legally. Seeing as the illegals are here illegally, deporting them is entirely legal!

The entire point of the DHS is to keep the country safe. Additionally, it’s the responsibility of the US government to maintain our sovereignty in every regard. Simply focusing on the ‘criminal element’ is a surrender of our national sovereignty. Mexico, and other countries, have no right to dump their unwanted people on us.*

I’ve questioned how useful Kelly would be at DHS. He struck me as a by-the-book wooden board kind of Marine officer.** The fact is, unlike what many people think, military men usually make poor leaders. Their entire conception of leadership is to execute the system that already exists. In this case, it’s the anti-American political establishment of the day. Military men are never bold. And they are never independent thinkers. The military, especially the Marines, demands obedience to superiors. When a man spends his entire life in that kind of environment, it saps him of all independence of thought.

As a final note: what is it with Trump appointees and not speaking in line with what Trump has said? Do they think he doesn’t mean it? Are they trying to gain media kudos by going along with ‘respectable (liberal) opinion?’ Or is it that they disagree with Trump and are acting on what they think?

I think it’s the last one, that they don’t agree with his nationalism and are trying to push what they think. No offense meant to Mr. Trump, but he needs to find better people.



* For decades Mexico, and other countries, have deliberately sent their criminals and unproductive citizens to the US in order to get rid of them.

** Kelly is a retired Marine Corps General.