Why is willpower so endlessly championed?

by Right Wing Fighter

In Western media, willpower is endlessly championed. Why? Because it is inclusive.

The idea is that, since everyone has willpower, you can become anything you like as long as you will hard enough. The idea that people have definite personalities, that they have in-built strengths and weaknesses is anathema because it limits what people can be.

That’s why, in superhero movies, the hero always ends up willing his way to victory over a better opponent. Can you think of a single recent superhero movie in which the hero isn’t either outnumbered or over-matched?

Even the Rocky movies, which I like minus some of their language*, champion the power of willpower to overcome superior opponents.

In Rocky and Rocky II, Rocky is fighting a much better boxer. But yet he succeeds because of his determination to pound his way through each fight.

In Rocky III, Rocky is up against Clubber Lang, a much stronger, tougher boxer. Rocky loses his first fight against him. But wins in the end because of his will to reinvent his boxing style and thus outmaneuver his opponent.

In Rocky IV, Rocky is up against a steroid-fueled giant, who isn’t such a bad boxer either. Again, Rocky wins because of his will to succeed, even though he’s being pounded by someone who can allegedly punch twice as hard as a normal boxer.

And in the final movie, Rocky Balboa, Rocky makes a comeback at age 60 against a 30-something year old opponent. Basically, Rocky would be toast. But luckily, his opponent breaks his hand early in the fight which gives Rocky an edge. Still, he couldn’t have stuck it out, except for his will.

Now, the reason Rocky movies are well-known as feel good movies, is because they give the viewer, any viewer, the sense he can succeed if he just pushes hard enough. Obviously this isn’t true. Without talent, all the pushing in the world wont make a success. You have to leverage your natural abilities to succeed.

But, as is well-known, liberalism values inclusiveness above almost everything. This is because exclusion prevents the individual’s will from being paramount. Something is in his way. He is excluded. And thus, his will is thwarted.

This is why there’s so much hubbub about so-called ‘transgender’ people. To liberals, it’s the purest expression of will vs. restriction. People don’t understand why the topic raises such fury, because they don’t understand that what the liberals really want is an unobstructed will. Not obstructed by God, nature, laws, people’s opinion: nothing. This is why the right only makes vague slippery-slope arguments against it. They don’t understand what the battle is really about.

And that is why inclusiveness is paramount to liberals: it removes certain obstacles to the will.**


* Rocky V doesn’t exist for me. It was such a bizarre, weird mistake of a movie that I’m surprised Stallone ever made it.

** To wax autobiographical for a moment: this is why I’ve never been a liberal: I’ve never believed that an unobstructed will is a virtue. Second, I’ve never believed it was possible.