By the way: I was right!

by Right Wing Fighter

It’s a bit late to do a victory lap now. But I don’t want to miss the opportunity to point out that all the people who said Trump couldn’t win were wrong. This includes several commenters at this site.

Obviously I wasn’t the only one saying Trump could win. But I was one of the most consistent and one of his earliest supporters. (In fact, I supported him since his first day in the primary).

I recognize it’s considered bad form to tell the losers that they’ve lost. You’re ‘supposed’ to be ‘gracious’ in victory. Which apparently means letting nasty, profane, anti-American folks say and do whatever they want, and then you’re supposed to ease the burden of their defeat by not pointing out their defeat.

But since they were so snarky, nasty, and wretched about it, I don’t care about being ‘gracious.’