More People Backing onto the Trump Train

by Right Wing Fighter

About ten minutes ago I was listening to a local radio host – a pretty big wheel in local politics.

Apparently someone called her call-screener and cussed him out because the host now supports Trump.

The host said that of course she supports Trump: otherwise Hillary Clinton will become president.

Now, this is from a woman who, about a year ago, maligned all of Trump’s supporters as dupes who were carried away by his slogan and rhetoric. She even said that his supporters, myself included, would continue to support Trump even if, quote, “A dead hooker was found in his trunk.”

She assailed Trump’s character endlessly. Far from merely questioning his motives, she positively stated that Trump’s campaign was just a “fling:” it meant nothing to Trump, but was just an outlet for his ego.

Now, after all the attacks, both on him and his business, it is plain that this is false. Trump is in it for the country. No one would endure such attacks for a mere flight of fancy. Has this woman recanted? No.

And then, today, she patronizingly puts down a critic by saying that of course she supports Trump.

This host will not be taken to task for her unjustified attacks on Trump. She will not be held to account for damaging his reputation for over a year, before finally, a month before the election, she decided to support him. And why is that? Because politics is pure expediency. Politicians make friends with yesterday’s enemies if it means they’ll get their support on election day.

Politics is an arena: everyone is looking for an edge in battle. As such, justice is always sacrificed. No one will expend political points to follow-up on unjust attacks.

Thus there is no justice in politics. Only expediency.


And as an extra note, here’s an extract from my post “Anti-Trump Folks Backing onto the Trump Train“:

When things start getting hot, election-wise; when November starts getting close, many anti-Trump folks are going to start talking about how we’ve “got to stop Hillary from getting elected. Oh I’m not saying we should vote for Trump: I’m saying we should vote against Hillary!”