Last Night’s Presidential Debate

by Right Wing Fighter

I watched and live-tweeted the whole debate last night.

It was certainly an interesting affair. Clinton was well-schooled and well rehearsed. Trump was from the cuff, more or less.

The moderator, liberal journalist Lester Holt, directed many questions to Trump, about his business, birtherism, and so forth.

Yet Holt didn’t ask Clinton about her email scandal; about money being given to the Clinton Foundation from foreigners, whose nations happened to get agreements from Hillary Clinton’s State Department on various matters at a similar time; about Clinton calling TPP ‘the gold standard’ for trade deals, and then backing away from it when it became politically unpopular to be pro-TPP; and a host of other issues.

In a word, the debate was stacked against Trump. He did well, considering all that.

In fact, he did pretty well in any case. He kept on fighting; he argued with the moderator when he tried to railroad Trump into a corner; and he kept the pressure on Hillary quite a bit.

Trump has a habit of ending what he’s saying mid-sentence and starting a new sentence. I wish he hadn’t done that so much at the debate. Still, many of the voters may not care. To anyone informed, Trump is the only one to vote for.