Separating the Sheep from the Goats

by Right Wing Fighter

Donald Trump’s candidacy has done a wonderful job of separating the sheep from the goats.

Even a few years ago, it was difficult to tell who was really on America’s side on the right. Many who appeared to be pro-American have shown themselves to be mere idealists, people who like America because they think it expresses certain ideals. A good case in point is Glenn Beck, as noted previously.

These people are not useful allies. At bottom, they aren’t allies at all. They are in fact intellectual opponents. Why? Because they don’t regard America as a nation. They don’t regard the good of the American people as the highest good that a politically engaged person can strive for. Instead, they see the American people as a means to an end: the end being bringing into existence whatever their particular ideals happen to be.

So for instance: the adoration some people on the right have for the era of the American Revolution. They see it as the pure expression of their ideal: classical liberalism brought into reality by the selfless committment of the Founding Fathers, and citizens like them. They consider the founding era to be the pure expression of their ideals.

As noted previously, that wasn’t the case. The founding era was not a golden age. But they whitewash history to make it fit within their ideals. To them, 1776 comes close enough to their ideals that they can, to their own satisfaction, blur over anything that doesn’t fit. But the point here isn’t how they handle history: it’s how they handle life. The reason that they look back so admiringly on ’76 is because they think it expresses their ideals. That is the main point.

And that is why they are intellectual opponents: they are not striving for the American people: they are using the American people to express their ideals.

And, as noted previously, that’s why they hate Trump: they think he is setting back their program of using the citizenry to express their ideals. Trump’s populism is at odds with their idealism.