Glenn Beck Calls America an ‘Idea’

by Right Wing Fighter

Glenn Beck has perhaps spelled out why some on the right hate Trump so much. He said this, writing about Cruz’s endorsement of Trump today:

Profoundly sad day for me.

Disappointment does not begin to describe.

Maybe it is time to go to the mountains for a while. (Read below and notice the knives prodding that direction)
Again, disappointment doesn’t begin to describe my feelings.

America is an idea, not a country. When we discuss the destruction of our country, that is vastly different than the destruction of an idea.

I fear the idea is already lost, due to the panic of losing ones comfort and country..

[Emphasis added]

To Beck, America is an idea, not a country. He said that he thought the fear of losing the country was causing us to lose the idea that is America. In other words, he considers the country and America to be two different things.

I’ve noticed this type of thinking a lot on the right. They regard America, not as a nation, but as the expression of certain ideas. Hence why they endlessly prattle about ‘American ideals,’ as if they are the whole reason to care about the country. I’ve always been aggravated by that, because it misses the entire point: the purpose of ideals is to strengthen and better the lives of people: people don’t live just to be exponents of ideals.

But this crowd has it backwards. That’s why they consider Trump such a backwards-looking candidate: they think he will turn the arrangement around, and put people before ideals. That’s why, as noted in a previous post, they are concerned with his “populist rather than conservative message.”

This, incidentally, is why the right has failed: it only really cares about certain ideals. The people of America aren’t important to them. To them, people are just exponents of ideals.