National Review and Populism

by Right Wing Fighter

In a long-winded article that never seems to get to the point, Victor Davis Hanson refers in passing to Trump’s

opportunistic populist rather than conservative message

This has always struck me as odd: why are the establi-cons so philosophically opposed to populism?

They’ll address think tanks, foundations, and institutes, and warn of the ‘dangers of populism.’

It isn’t simply that they are donorist hacks guarding their fat cat subsidies: they are actually afraid of the normal citizen. They think that if the ‘stupid’ people get in control, the country will go to pieces.

Let’s see if that’s true:

Immigration is the biggest issue in the country: yet a majority of citizens want immigration reduced, illegals deported, and immigration reformed in order to benefit us.

What about the economy? The ‘smart people’ support free trade. Yet free trade is sending millions to the unemployment line. Citizens want free trade to end: they want nationalist economic policies.

So on these issues, the citizens of America are much wiser than their alleged betters. So why, exactly, is populism so bad?