The State of Politics in the West

by Right Wing Fighter

The state of politics today in western nations is unprecedented. Never in times past has the basic question of politics been whether western nations will even exist fifty years from now.

Politics is no longer a question of higher taxes or lower taxes, infrastructure construction, or basic matters of public order. This was the fair of days gone by.

Now, all of politics is focused on the basic question of whether nations have a right to exist.

For that is the question: if the profits of companies and the free movement of peoples across borders are the ideals to strive for, then necessarily nations have no right to exist. Because these things are mutually exclusive.

Heres why:

Companies make the most money by building at the lowest price and selling at the highest price. In order to do this, they must be able to move around the globe, freely building wherever it’s cheapest. Mexico and China are good examples.

Now, in order for a nation to exist, it must have a strong economy. This requires that plenty of manufacturing occur at home. No nation can be strong without producing something. Without solid blue-collar work, both the economy and the civic life of the nation weakens. It puts men on unemployment lines who could be working and supporting families. It removes hope from men who work best with their hands.

Thus if the profits of corporations are held to be of the highest value, the good of workers, of the nation itself, has no value at all. This is because, in a question regarding mutual exclusives, whichever option gets top value has the only value.


Immigration is a similar case, but in many ways it’s worse.

This is because, over time, the continual influx of incompatible people will destroy our national cohesion. It will, and already has, cause us to trust each other less. Community will break down. Additionally, different peoples have different political goals. Thus the immigration of, say, Arabs who believe in Sharia law will put them in conflict with the Christian population which wants nothing of the kind. The result is strife – unnecessary strife which weakens the nation.

It’s also true that different cultures have different values. Views on work ethic, recreation, public works: all of these more or less commonplace things will become battlegrounds. Many already have.

This is the issue:

Will western economies be destroyed because governments didn’t take a hand in protecting their native industries?

Will the very peoples of the west be replaced by foreigners, who are nothing like us and not at all in sympathy with our goals and values?

In a word, will western nations continue to exist?

That is the ultimate question of politics today. Not Left vs Right; not Liberty vs Tyranny.

The real question is the one Hamlet asked himself: ‘To be, or not to be?’

All other questions shrink into insignificance. Taxes, global warming, gun control: they all become academic discussions if western nations cease to exist.