Former House Speaker John Boehner Joins Tobacco Company Board

by Right Wing Fighter

From CBS News:

Reynolds American Inc., the tobacco company behind brands like Newport, Camel, and American Spirit, has added a high-profile new name to its board of directors: former House Speaker John Boehner.


In a 2010 appearance on “Face the Nation,” then-host Bob Schieffer pressed Boehner on his smoking and his relationship with the tobacco industry. Schieffer noted that the industry had been “the largest contributor to your political campaigns over the years,”

Isn’t it funny that the industry which gave Boehner the most campaign money over the years has now taken him on as an employee?

The fat cats take care of their own. I noted this in my detailed post about Eric Canter, when he was hired by a bank right after being defeated in his primary election.

There is an enormous amount of money to be made by companies that can manipulate laws to their benefit. That’s the purpose of all these bought and paid for politicians: to pass laws that favor the companies that pay their campaign bills.

For doing so, the politicians get a guaranteed stream of cash to run for office with. And if they are defeated or retire, they then get easy jobs on company boards with lavish salaries.

It’s a stinking, corrupt system. And the ones who pay for it are the tax payers.