Thanks for the ‘Endorsement,’ Levin

by Right Wing Fighter

Levin has ‘endorsed’ Trump.

From Conservative Review:

At the beginning of the program, Levin made sure his real feelings were known. It was no secret that Levin’s first choice was not and is not Donald Trump. In fact, he boldly declared Tuesday that despite Trump’s holding some conservative policies, “Donald Trump is not a conservative … and he’s not reliable.”

Levin reiterated his position that Sen. Ted Cruz would’ve been a far better choice to champion conservative principles as president.

But that’s not what happened and … “at the end of the day, someone is going to be president.”

Levin then listed his critiques of Trump one by one. From his behavioral antics during the GOP primary to his lack of understanding when it comes to the Constitution and limited government, from his massive spending increase for infrastructure to his protectionist trade policies, and more.

It wasn’t all bad for Trump, however, as Levin later spoke positively about his tax plan, his positions on immigration, law enforcement, and foreign policy. Levin did offer a common and recurring disclaimer: Trump is NOT reliable.

Several points here:

First, to start an endorsement with a list of the faults of the person you’re endorsing robs it of all significance. What Levin did was to rob his words of all weight.

Second, Levin, like many conservatives, has a totem-like attachment to certain principles. Much of our infrastructure is falling apart. Yet because it involves government spending, Levin is automatically against it. Additionally, free trade is destroying our jobs and our way of life. Yet Levin is still glued to the dogma of free trade, no matter the costs.

Did Levin praise Trump towards the end? Yes. But that was only after railing on him for not being conservative. Additionally, constantly stating that Trump is ‘NOT reliable’ is, again, to rob his endorsement of any value.

So Levin has wasted everyone’s time with this. His endorsement means nothing.

There’s also this:

Before getting to Trump, Levin had plenty to say about Hillary Clinton. In short – she is far too dangerously liberal to allow anywhere near the Oval Office.
This is exactly what I noted in my post Anti-Trump Folks Backing onto the Trump Train, where I said in part:
When things start getting hot, election-wise; when November starts getting close, many anti-Trump folks are going to start talking about how we’ve “got to stop Hillary from getting elected. Oh I’m not saying we should vote for Trump: I’m saying we should vote against Hillary!”
Some of the most anti-Trump people, people who were attacking Trump literally day after day, are now talking up the need to stop Hillary! They usually have to assuage their consciences by throwing in a few attacks on Trump. But they are, as noted above, backing into the Trump Train.
And now Levin is following suit.