Washington Post or Washington Pravda? WaPo in Full Anti-Trump Mode

by Right Wing Fighter

I may start calling the Washington Post ‘Washington Pravda’ instead. They are even more biased than the AP, and that’s hard.

Here’s a quote from an article posted this morning:

The bigger problem for Trump is that he still can’t seem to break past his ceiling. Prior to his convention bump, Trump’s peak in the polls was 44 points. Clinton’s low was 43.1. She’d never been lower; he’d never been higher.

They’re trying to massage in two ideas here.

First, that Trump has a ceiling. They did this over and over again during the primary. First his ceiling was 25%. Then 30%. Then 36%. Then 40%. They kept talking about his “ceiling” as if it was carved out of marble.

The whole goal of it was to give a sense of inevitability to him failing. The idea was, that if he has a support ceiling, he wont be able to go the long haul because his competition will solidify and squeeze him out. Obviously that was a lie, as he won the Republican primary with more votes than a Republican has ever gotten in a primary before.

The second idea they want to solidify is this: that Hillary has an inevitable level of support. We’re over three months from the election. Polls at this point mean nothing about the final outcome. And yet, they’re using Clinton’s numbers, which reflect a rather non-bruising primary season, as an indication of her support in the fall. Yes, she had to fight with Sanders. But the fight wasn’t the kind that seriously damages popularity.

Trump’s primary, on the other hand, was a real bare-knuckle brawl. All the “official Republicans” were against him, including National Review and most top columnists. The media attacked him daily. In short, he’s been through the fire and Clinton has been walking on a paved road. When the real fighting starts, Trump is going to start doing a lot of damage to Clinton’s numbers. Additionally, the right-wing media will start supporting him, and this will solidify his support with Republicans and make him look more respectable to independents.

One additional point to remember: most of these polls are from Democrat-loving sources. They’ll tighten up when the election gets close, in order to save their credibility. But for now, they are meant to shape opinion, not reflect it.