Ironic: AP Criticizes Russian State Television for Clinton Coverage

by Right Wing Fighter

The AP, sometimes known as American Pravda for its statist way of manhandling the truth, had this in part to say in an article from today:

Viewers [of Russian state television] were told that Clinton sees Russia as an enemy and cannot be trusted, while the Democratic Party convention was portrayed as further proof that American democracy is a sham.

In her acceptance speech, Clinton reaffirmed a commitment to NATO, saying she was “proud to stand by our allies in NATO against any threat they face, including from Russia.”

In doing so, she was implicitly rebuking her rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has questioned the need for the Western alliance and suggested that if he is elected president, the United States might not honor its NATO military commitments, in particular regarding former Soviet republics in the Baltics.

It’s rather understandable that the Russians would resent Clinton’s repeated attacks. This is not to say that Russia is governed by good people or that they are beyond criticism. But this habit that Clinton and many politicians have of throwing sand in Russian eyes is idiotic. It seems to be the one country they don’t mind verbally kicking around. It’s clear why Republicans do it: they’re reliving the Cold War. But Democrats are the ones who wanted to lose the Cold War. It’s not immediately apparent why they like to jab at Russia.

As for Trump and NATO: he hasn’t “suggested” that America would dishonor its commitments to NATO. He’s suggested he would renegotiate those commitments. American Pravda is suggesting that Trump would just turn his back on our obligations. That is not true. Trump wants to alter our commitments to reflect America’s interests. That’s a big difference.

And finally, the Russians are correct that the Democratic convention was a proof of the corruption in American politics. Hillary Clinton could well have lost to Bernie Sanders, if it wasn’t for Superdelegates handing her the nomination. Additionally, the moneyed interests who paved the way for Clinton, whilst giving nothing at all to Sanders, were clearly scratching her back so she’d scratch theirs. That is why Trump says that Clinton is bought and paid for: she is.

Now, is American politics completely corrupt? No. But there is still plenty of corruption. It’s always funny when such “news” outlets as American Pravda get in a tizzy over someone accusing American Democracy of having corruption. AP is practically the definition of corruption.