Charles Koch Apparently Won’t be Supporting Trump

by Right Wing Fighter

From the AP:

Billionaire industrialist and conservative benefactor Charles Koch’s expansive political network will not help Donald Trump win the presidency.

That’s the message from one of the Koch network’s chief lieutenants as hundreds of the nation’s most powerful Republican donors gathered for a weekend retreat on Saturday. With Election Day just three months away, Koch lamented the state of the 2016 contest during a welcome reception inside a luxury hotel at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

“We don’t really, in some cases, don’t really have good options,” Koch said of the “current political situation.”

Well, that’s a surprise, isn’t it?

The Koch Brothers have never been ‘in it for the country.’ They’ve been in it for their bank accounts. That’s why they’ve also donated to Democrats.

The Koch’s donation network is focused on essentially one thing: the good of business.

The Koch’s like to pass themselves off as libertarians. But that is only meant to give them a veneer of intellectualism. The real reason that they are socially liberal and economically “conservative” is that they don’t want to pick up friction fighting moral fights, and at the same time they want to grease the wheels for money-making. In short, their “political philosophy” is nothing but a cover for whatever increases the bottom line.

Donald Trump, and his workers-first candidacy threatens this. Would it bankrupt them? Absolutely not. But the Koch’s don’t like to take losses ever, even for the good of workers. For this reason, they at the least will not support Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took mild steps to oppose him.