Limbaugh: Obama’s Speech at Democratic Convention was ‘Reaganesque’

by Right Wing Fighter

From the Daily Caller:

On Thursday’s broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh said, “I was told, that Barack Obama’s speech last night was fabulous. It was just great. It was uplifting. It was positive. It was Reaganesque.”

Later Limbaugh said, “If Obama had been, the last eight years, in word and policy, as he was in that speech last night, we wouldn’t have a prayer. If Obama had been what he was last night for the last eight years, there would be no Republican Party.”

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This may sound a little bizarre, but what Limbaugh is saying is “Mr. President, I would have supported you if you’d let me! I would have been with you if you’d just been like Reagan!”

I listened to Rush regularly for the first half of Obama’s presidency. He could never bring himself to criticize Obama. He always had to find a way to dance around it. He’d say Obama was making America into something “the founders hadn’t intended,” or something similar. But he wouldn’t just come right out and say “Obama’s policies are bad.” He’d always make it vague. He’d always avoid criticizing Obama directly.

Why? I don’t know. Limbaugh always felt he could criticize Bill Clinton. But Obama? He always seemed out of reach to Limbaugh.

In any case, this quote is Limbaugh doing a little conscience clearing. He wants to make it clear that it was nothing personal or racial, but just a matter of policy. Of course, it goes without saying that opposition to Obama was policy based. It was never a matter of racial hatred, as the Democrats like to slanderously say.

Perhaps that little fear of being called a racist was at back of Limbaugh’s mildness when talking about Obama.