Anti-Trump Folks Backing onto the Trump Train

by Right Wing Fighter

I’ve mentioned this somewhere before, but I’ll restate it here:

When things start getting hot, election-wise; when November starts getting close, many anti-Trump folks are going to start talking about how we’ve “got to stop Hillary from getting elected. Oh I’m not saying we should vote for Trump: I’m saying we should vote against Hillary!”

Already this is happening.

I and some people I know catch a fair amount of talk radio each week. In my case it’s incidental – the radio happens to be running at the time I’m around. But what I’ve heard has been telling.

Some of the most anti-Trump people, people who were attacking Trump literally day after day, are now talking up the need to stop Hillary! They usually have to assuage their consciences by throwing in a few attacks on Trump. But they are, as noted above, backing into the Trump Train.

What pathetic people! For months they did everything they could to sabotage Trump. They tried to spoil his chances with Evangelicals especially. And now it’s all “we’ve got to stop Hillary! She’s a monster and must be stopped!”

And where was all this before? It was predictable, though not absolutely certain, that Trump would win. Any hope for Cruz stopping him or for a battle at the convention was a pipe-dream. And yet they allowed themselves to dream. And with that as their justification, they attacked Trump day and night. They tweeted, commented, and argued that he was a monster. Worst of all, in their minds, they said that Trump would mark the end of Reaganism in the Republican party. To them, that’s like saying morality itself would depart the Republican party.

So after fighting a hopeless rearguard for months; after doing everything they could to sabotage him; for them now to back onto the Trump Train is infuriating.

Let me provide a somewhat ahistorical analogy.

Ireland during World War II wanted to use Britain’s war with Germany for their advantage. They tried to leverage it. Now pretend for a moment that the Irish had rebelled, and broken away from Britain. Britain would have to send troops, planes, and ships to Ireland to take it back. It would not ruin the war effort, but it would hurt it. Now imagine that after the Irish are reconquered, they were to suddenly say “Well, looks like we’re stuck with Britain. So let’s work to stop Hitler! He’s got to be stopped! He threatens everything we stand for, even if Churchill is a monster for not giving us independence. Let’s go get Hitler! Raa raa!”

Any thinking man would tear out his hair at such a sight. In this ahistorical example, the Irish ran head-first into a hopeless rebellion, not out of good sense, but because they got carried away with what they wanted. As such, the cost in men and materials has hurt the war effort.

That’s the same thing that’s going on here. The anti-Trump forces engaged in what was almost certainly a hopeless battle. But they were willing to fight for that 10% chance of victory, because they were carried away by what they wanted. They weren’t thinking rationally.

And now they want to back onto the Trump Train, with mewing jabber about “stopping Hillary!”