Chaos at the Democratic Convention

by Right Wing Fighter

Looks like things are off to a rocky start in Philadelphia.

Earlier today, members of the California delegation started chanting ‘lock her up,’ which doubtless produced sadness in Hillary Clinton.

Additionally, some Bernie Sanders supporters are making a mess of things. They don’t like the recently released emails that show the DNC working to destroy Sanders’ primary campaign. Not a few of these people are fringe types. But they are correct that they’re getting ripped off by the DNC.

And so the media and the DNC’s plans are coming unravelled. They wanted to portray this convention as a nice and orderly convention, in contrast to the myth that the Republican convention was a madhouse. Now that high-ranking Democrats are getting booed off stage, the DNC chairman has resigned, and emails are circling that the DNC tried to destroy a member of their own party, that plan is on the ropes.

Will chaos at this convention ruin them? No. But it will hurt.